Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Random Things about me!!

Okay! I didn't intend to write it this way, but saw that quite a few people on Facebook were adding notes to their profiles with this title. I read just one and the writer’s bug in me couldn’t resist.

Over the last week I have reached the highest highs (don’t worry… am not on dope) and lowest lows! (Sounds like a line from the song ‘Inside Out’ by Bryan Adams) Even though I so badly want to describe each one of these extreme emotions, something tells me that it is better that I don’t. Not now at least (maybe sometime later when I’m okay with letting it out.)

So I thought, ’25 Random things about Me’ sounds like fun. Why not write about it and see what turns out. At the onset though, let me confess that I have two very contradicting thoughts! One is whether I’ll be able to list 25 (what if I can’t think beyond fifteen???) and the other is, will I be able to stop at 25?? :-p So here goes… Oh and before I begin let me warn you that this is my blog, my very own personal space. So don’t expect one liners (and if you are expecting them, please stop right here ‘coz I’m not sure you’re going to have the patience to read the entire thing) :-)

25 Random things about Me..

1. I talk a lot!! A lot!! I think people who know me would’ve known that this would be the first thing I’d say about myself and also know what “lot” means when it describes my talking abilities. I can’t give an answer with just one word. It has to be an explanation, a detailed theory behind every single thought process and decision. Jyothi and Madhu will remember asking me “Do you like Karela (bitter-gourd)??” The answer should have been a plain yes or no! But ha ha… I, being the way I am… gave them a long explanation as to how I actually enjoy Karela when it is cooked in a particular manner. And the troubled look on their faces and the laugh that followed made me realize that the question was posed just to prove that very point.

2. I love listening to music. And the kind of music I listen to depends solely and entirely on my mood. There are days when I enjoy Ghazals and songs from old Hindi movies (even Tamil songs sometimes) and there are also days when I can listen to nothing less than Metallica (even Amma now listens to Metallica, Coldplay, Nickelback, Korn even, thanks to her two wonderful daughters!!) I need my head phones on when I’m going for a walk, when I’m traveling; basically when I’m doing nothing else or anything with which I can listen to music and then I need my head phones on!

3. When it comes to sleeping, I'm my father's daughter!! I can sleep for as long as fourteen hours, and go back to sleep for a few hours again once I’ve been up for a while! I know… makes me wonder too!! Sometimes, I feel like I’ll spend more than fifty percent of my life just sleeping…:-)

4. I love reading (and collecting) books. Although I used to be pretty choosy about the kind of stuff that I read, I am now trying to read all kinds of books. Thrillers and mystery novels will be my all time favorites. I’m trying to develop an interest and liking for romance, classics, biographies and true stories as well.

5. I love my friends, so much that I guess sometimes they feel like its too much. I know for a fact that one of them does and can’t seem to digest the fact that I can shower so much affection and always and I mean always runs as far as far can be the minute realization dawns! I don’t think I’ve ever told them this… and I guess here’s my chance… You guys mean the world to me and even though we are geographically separated and I am not there with you guys every time you have fun, you can be damn sure that I miss it a lot!

6. I love Aachar (pickle). Especially the Nimbu Aachar my dadi makes... I once finished a whole jar by myself in three days. When I eat Aaloo Parathas the quantity of aachar on my plate is almost like the quantity of Sabzi one would eat along with Roti.

7. I am very superstitious. But not about everything, only when I'm about to do really important stuff. For my PEII exams, I wore shades of red, maroon or orange for every single paper 'coz Papa had told me that red is good for me (and believe me it worked!) Am planning to maintain the same colour scheme for CA Final as well (Although I don't think I have eight dresses in that colour... I'll find a way!)

8. I am obsessed with my hair! Won't venture out of the house till I'm sure that I am looking my best even if it is to buy toothpaste! A lot of people say that it is a gross waste of time but hey, I want to be able to say 'Wow!' every time I look at myself in a mirror (I’m not expecting compliments from others. I dress up for myself, because I want to look good. I can wear the most hideous of costumes if I think it looks good and feel comfortable in them and won’t care what the world thinks!) My school friends describe my basic necessities of life as: Food, clothing, shelter and Comb!!

9. I am a wanna-be rock star! Whenever I’m listening to loud music and I know the words of the song that’s playing (which I do most of the times) I take the remote, pretend that it is a mic, and sing as if I’m performing for the Grammy’s. These performances are reserved exclusively for Amma and Nattu only. It was Nattu who came up with ‘wanna-be rock star’!

10. My career choices have fluctuated a lot, before I decided to do CA! When I was in school I wanted to be a teacher, then a software engineer, then a fashion designer; when I went to college I wanted to study Mass Media and Advertising before I decided to do CA.

11. I want to live in a foreign country for some part of my life. Maybe I can accomplish that if I go abroad to study. A part of me wants to experience the student life in America or Europe. Have nothing concrete planned yet. But yes, it is my dream to actually live (not just go for a holiday) in a foreign country for sometime.

12. I love my new house. It is the same house, but I love the make-over we’ve given it! I feel thrilled when I see how my room and study turned out so well ‘coz I designed it myself and honestly, I felt that Interior Decoration could also be considered as a possible alternate career choice.

13. I want to know and learn everything, even though I don’t have the patience and perseverance to sincerely pursue it. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to learn it.
I want to…
  • (I have learnt Bharata Natyam for a little over three years), I wish to complete that and want to learn Kathak as well.
  • Learn candle making, glass painting and the likes.
  • Be able to make wonderful desserts (though I’m not that much of a sweet tooth!) and want to treat everyone at home and my friends with wonderful cakes, pastries and chocolates that I make myself.
  • Read and own all the good books.
  • Write a lot of books myself (and I secretly hope that at least one of them turns out to be a best-seller!)
  • Be able to confidently drive a car (or even a scooty for that matter. Haven’t dared to sit in the driver’s seat after I almost drove the Scorpio into a ditch.)
  • Be a career woman and at the same time want to have a wonderful home, to decorate it myself and take care of people at home.
  • Learn how to play the Tabla, Guitar and Piano as well (can play a little bit of Dholak - learned that when I used to go with dadi for Kirtans and can also play Mrindanga – learnt that at ISKCON)
  • Learn classical music, Karnatic and Hindustani.
14. I want to do an 'Item number.' Not on the lines of ‘Babuji’ or ‘Ishq Samandar’ but more like ‘Kajra Re’ (better and more tastefully handled than that if possible)

15. I love my cousins very much. Even though I yell at them for troubling and irritating me, deep down I know that as an ‘Azad’ I am not complete till the other ‘Azads’ are a part of my life too. Same goes for my maternal cousins. Love those two very much.

16. There is no kind of food that compared to what Amma makes. Not even what my grandmothers make. Even the simplest of Daals and Sabzis taste way better than the richest of outside food. And I missed that the most when I was touring the country last year for Audits (from Hyderabad to Baramati to Hazira and then Baramati again.) Especially Rasam and Aaloo sabzi (with Appalaam), Aaloo paratha, Bhindi sabzi with roti… my mouth is starting to water!!

17. I have lost the will to dream. I know I sound like an eighty year old, but when you see them break in front of your eyes, you lose the will to build new ones. Its not that I don’t have any but yes, I don’t have big dreams. I’ve decided to let life take its own course and not plan way into the future. Live and plan just for the immediate future. (Very depressing, I know… I’ll get over it, hopefully)

18. I have very systematic plans which I’m unable to follow ever. I’ve not been able to follow them even once till date and they crash even before I’ve begun to execute them. I guess I can help others in planning (because the plans if adhered to are damn good) and hopefully they’ll be able to achieve what they want to and maybe even more. This sometimes makes me feel that I could also take up a career as a ‘Wedding Planner’ (obviously inspired by the movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey) or a ‘Party Planner.’

19. I'm not the nicest person on this earth. Though I’m awesomely nice to most of the people I know, I hate the guts of certain others who are in my life and I can’t do anything about it. And the worst part is (or maybe the best part ‘coz that proves that I can’t pretend) that it shows on my face. So if you think you’re on my list, test me! If I’m nice to you, that means you’re safe ‘coz I can’t pretend to like you when I don’t.

20. It takes a lot for me to say sorry. I don’t till I feel that I’ve done something so grave that demands a sorry or till I feel that the other person deserves it. In some cases, it is necessary for both the conditions to co-exist for me to be able to say sorry. I hate myself for this and you may say that it’s my ego but that’s how I’m built. I say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at every possible opportunity (I thank the autowala after I pay him, the ticket vendor after I buy a ticket) and I feel that it makes up for the scarce “Sorry”s and makes me feel a little better.

21. My room is my territory! (and of course my sister’s ‘coz we share it) and I won’t listen to anyone if they tell me what to keep where and how. And absolutely won’t take it if someone else moves stuff around or messes things up – that includes my sister.

22. I am an emotional fool. And someone used to say to me that all girls are so. I don’t know if all girls are, but I’m sure that I am. It is NOW after so many tumultuous experiences that I’ve learnt to use my brains to think and let my heart rest for a while. It hurts not to do what your heart says, but when your brain says that it’s for your own good, the heart shuts up and quietly endures the pain which after a while fades away like it was never there.

23. My sister is my best friend. Don't know why this is no. 23 (it should've been in the top 5.) Anyway all the people around me have a best friend, someone they've been friends with for so long that they can't remember what the first thing was that they said to each other. I don't have someone who's been that way for me and for whom I'm the only person that they can call a 'Best Friend' for as long as they can remember. I'm glad to have my sister. I don't remember the first thing that we said to each other, I've known her and had her as a part of my life for as long as I can remember and no one can replace her. I love my friends. but she's like the friend I hoped to have but never did.

24. When I dream, I still dream as if I'm living in the Andheri house, and it surprises me. I lived there for four years before I moved here and it’s going to be five years since then. But still my sub-conscious seems to think of that house (which was not even our own) as my home. I have some great memories in that house (let’s save that for another blog!) and somehow the small one room apartment (there was a hall, a kitchen and a bathroom only) seems to have captured my heart as a home which this huge house has probably still not been able to do after five years (it has in reality! But sub-consciously, my heart says that ‘L-301’ is my home!)

25. I never thought I could come this far. Also, I never thought that I could stop at 25. But surprisingly I have and it felt wonderful to dig deep and think of random stuff to say about yourself (I sound like Kamya… she uses the word ‘Random’ a lot… in every possible sentence!) I’ve completed my target of 25 and I’m sure that once I publish this blog, I’m going to come up with another 25 and I’ll think ‘Why didn’t I think of this earlier??’ But don’t worry, I’m going to follow this one up with another blog “A few more Random things about Me” and I’m not going to put a number limit on that. It’ll give me the freedom to go on adding stuff as and when I feel like it. Stay Tuned! ;-)


  1. dee u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!..u knw wen chachi or mom or amma tai said that i u n i have somethingd in common i always thought noway!..but i after readin dis blog i kinda think that r some kinda things r kinda i knw u may have not understood a word but don worry u will someday!..anyway best of luck for ur exams!!!!!!!!!

  2. loved the 19th point!!! the rest were great as well, but the 19th one really tells what sorta person u are girl!!!! n have always respected u for that!! Cheers!!