Friday, February 6, 2009


Right about now, I was supposed to be almost ready and on my way to Hawaiian Shack! My first experience of going to a real Pub (apart from the one time I went to a pub in Ghana at the age of eleven with Amma and Papa. But then I guess that hardly counts) and even that plan goes down the drain.

It is very rare that my office gang plans an outing and when they do, somehow or the other something happens and things don’t work out. Nine out of ten times it is the hectic work schedule leaving a ten percent chance for lethargy and boredom to kick the plan’s butt. The funny thing about this situation is that this time, everyone else is in! I on the other hand (being one of the very few openly enthusiastic people in the group) am sitting at home typing out this post when the others, in about an hour or so will be out of office on their way to party into the weekend.

This is how it all happened. Poonam and I are the only two girls in the group with twelve or so guys. It is essential for one of us to be present for the other to be a part of the gathering, for the simple reason that it feels a little awkward to be the only girl with so many men in the group. They’re all great guys, believe me! But when you don’t drink and almost all the guys do, you kinda need your friend to be there with you. And when your friend decides to stay at home, that pretty much decides that you too are going to stay put.

I am just a little bummed ‘coz I finally had one chance to see what a real pub looks like and it blew! Hmm… Life’s sad! Earlier I was too young to go to a pub. I thought that I would be able to once I grew up. But somehow, I still didn't get a chance. And over the years there have been some things have just added to it. Like…

1. Living in another city… all the way in Navi Mumbai so someone had to come and drop me home at night ‘coz it’d be late (you can’t expect to come back home by 9 if you’re going to a pub! I never came back by 9 even when I went to office!!!) This was like putting a burden on the group... 'If you want me to be there make sure you have someone to drop me home.' I wouldn't demand that.
2. The hectic work schedule and busy seniors who were ready and willing to party and were all for it if someone was willing to plan.
3. The hectic work schedule again, which did not allow me to be a part of well planned parties with friends.
4. My CA exams due in less than four months which make me feel guilty that I'm out partying instead of studying.
5. And last but not the least, the slight awkwardness of being the only girl with a group of 12 or so (awesomely sweet and decent) guys!

So what if I could not be there...
1. For Jay, Sandeep, Amit, Aditya, Kamya, and Vishal’s birthdays in 2008
2. To say bye and good-luck to Jay before he left for the States to do his Masters (still so sorry for that Jay) or for that matter even Omkar before he left for Australia.
3. For Kritika and Karan’s birthdays.
4. For Maulik’s Farewell.
5. For so many stays over at A-9 and dinner plans.
6. For Vishal’s treat at Papa Pancho.
7. For visits by the gang to Hard Rock Café (HRC).
8. For plans made by Poonam, Amber, Satish and Vidhi to meet up at HRC.
9. To see so many movies that everyone else saw… (Like ‘Rock On!’ and ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ which I’ve still not seen.)

These are just the ones I missed in 2008. I haven’t even started to think about the ones in 2007 and 2006 and before that. And I’m sure there were many other occasions that I couldn’t be a part of and there will be many more in the future which I may not be able to attend. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling bummed. Its just that life used to be a lot simpler when we were younger and in college and especially when I used to live in the same city as my friends :-p.

It’ll be five years in April, since I moved from Andheri and lots of things have happened since then. I miss being a part of the everyday fun that we used to have and knowing that the others are still having it, sort of bums me out even more.

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  1. Hey niki i can understand the flow of emotions coz i also kinda missed the fun for some reason or the other... just hoping that the same wont be the case post finals...

    Anyways.. as always very well worded..
    Looks like the first ever Personally Signed book is not far away...[;)]

    Now i know why u asked for HRC... its for sure post exams... [:)]