Sunday, February 1, 2009

Its February!!! Already??

January's gone! Yikes! And I thought I still had time.

I looked at the calendar yesterday morning and realized that one whole month had gone by just like that! It seems to me that we celebrated New Year’s Day just yesterday. And as I saw May closing in faster than I thought it would, I started to get worried about whether I still had enough time to complete the entire syllabus. All the previously made plans till then had crashed… massively (or massive bigly :-p) That got me thinking and working again. And after another big planning session, I have things back in control (at least it seems so that way… and being the optimist that I am, I’d like to believe that they are in fact so!)

The fact that exams have been postponed by at least fifteen days has been the life-saving news! I shudder when I think what would have happened if they were to be held right on schedule. But no point in thinking about what could have happened. Its time to get ready to have a very rough, tiring, tedious, demanding, exhausting, frustrating, fun-less three months. As much as I am dreading it, I am also looking forward to it. Two very contradicting emotions… I know! But who said life was going to be simple?

So here’s to a new month and a fresh and energetic start for a Herculean task! And hoping that things work according to the plan (its pretty much in my hands to make things work… and believe me, I’m doing my best to see that they do!)

Today also happens to be my dear little sister’s birthday! So Happy Birthday Nattu! Have a wonderful year! And I must warn you… the exam bug is going to get you soon too! So be prepared! Love you lots!

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