Sunday, March 29, 2009


Rakesh didn't know how to react. She knew?? How? When? For how long? All these questions remained unanswered. He felt terrible about what had happened. He saw the tears that had filled her eyes as she said “I know,” and he couldn’t control himself any longer. He held her at her waist, with his head softly placed on her grown belly and broke down. She put her hand on his head and they both cried without saying a word to each other.

For her; she had brushed past her worst nightmare and life was normal again – almost. Rakesh was there with her and would always be there for their children. She didn’t want anything more. She didn’t want him to explain, didn’t want him to beg for forgiveness; she was just glad that it was over.

Denial, Acceptance and Healing - Part 3

The third and final part of my story coming up people! Finally... Let me assume that quite a lot of people were eagerly waiting for it (for the sake of inspiration for me to write more) and their wait is now over. Thanks a lot for being patient enough to wait for the final part of the story. Happy Reading :-)

Denial, Acceptance and Healing...
(Continued from Part II...)
One afternoon, as Naina was sitting on the chair by the window where Ruhi usually played, she couldn’t control her tears. It was the worst feeling when Ruhi came up to her and asked, “Ma! What happened? Why are you crying?” and Naina had no answers. What could she tell her three year old? How could she explain the hurt to her? How could she tell Ruhi that she didn’t know if her father was going to be with them forever when she didn’t know it herself?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Before I die, I just have to...

The question says; list five things and as I started typing, I realized that you can list more than five if you wish. But then knowing myself, I have the tendency to go overboard. So even though with a little more thought and effort I could have listed at least 20 things to do before I die, I decided to stick to 5! :-)

Denial, Acceptance and Healing - Part 2

Here's the second part of the story. I guess I'll be able to finish it in three parts after all (Phew!! That's a task! Conciseness isn't my strength you see...) Thank you people for the appreciation (and critical analysis) of the first part. It made me feel wonderful knowing that it made you want to read more. I hope I have been able to do justice to the second part and the flow has been maintained. As usual, comments and criticism are welcome; they'll only make me improve... (Only comments will be made public... Criticism... let us save that for phone conversations...) Happy Reading!! :-)

Denial, Acceptance and Healing...
(Continued from Part I...)
Naina sat there wondering, her mind blank but still thinking, processing the information that she had just come across. She went back to replace the phone on the night-stand, when Rakesh stirred and turned. He opened his eyes momentarily and saw her standing there.

"Hey!" he said smilingly, "Good Morning! What time is it?"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Denial, Acceptance and Healing - Part 1

Okay People, my first attempt at a short story (so far I've only written stories that even though have a good base, don't seem to be going anywhere and more importantly, don't seem to have an ending!) I've posted the first part here and I plan to complete it in another one or two, maximum three parts (I don't intend to drag it on like the soaps!!) So Happy Reading!! Enjoy!!

Denial, Acceptance and Healing...
Part I

She had known for about two months now that he had been cheating on her and those two months had been the hardest so far. The gut-wrenching pain was too much to bear. She looked across the room to see her three year old sitting under the window and playing with her toy horse; smiling happily every time she managed to push and turn it over. She realized that she was more powerful than the horse and that delighted her.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holi Hai!

Happy Holi Everyone!!

There are two reasons for me to write this post.
1. I just checked my inbox and saw an e-mail from Gaurav saying how much he missed the Holi party last year, and
2. Well, since I was reminded of the Holi party, I thought of Mehul and Anshul who had requested me to write a narrative about the party after I uploaded the pictures on Orkut!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Its Raining...

Of late, I've been devoting more time to discovering what's the best schedule for me to follow while I'm studying and I've concluded that since I can't get up early in the morning, its best for me to start late during the day and study deep into the night (until its day-break sometimes...) And believe me, the kind of peace and quiet at that time is just the kind of atmosphere you need for maximum concentration. So I've been doing that for quite sometime now.

Not considering my constant need to take a break from studying (I guess I should start calling studying, as taking a break from ‘breaks’ :-p) the quiet, dark environment is the best time to study, especially if you live on the ground floor. Oh! The way children yell while playing cricket (as if they’re playing for the World Cup!), the constant horns of vehicles passing by (I don’t understand the need for people to speed inside a residential complex and then honk the hell out of that horn which is not supposed to be played with unnecessarily! Why can’t people drive slowly when they know there are going to be children running around rather than speeding and then honking on the pretext of not hurting them?), the children calling out to each other to come down to play (one girl comes near my building somewhere around four thirty or five and calls out “Vishakha!!!” and keeps calling her name out without a pause of more than five seconds… I guess Vishakha is either deaf or is ensuring that the people living on the ground floor are disturbed to the maximum extent possible… as if the cars and the cricket team of the colony weren’t already ganging up to do that!) or the auto rickshaws coming by every few minutes to drop someone off; are all reasons that encourage people like me (who get distracted and irritated at the slightest provocation) to study in the night. Thankfully, everyone around here sleeps at that time, so have the night all to myself.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Unnamed Feeling

It's all I can think about, my mind is never at rest,
Relentlessly dreaming, wondering and wishing for the best.
An indescribable emotion, an unnamed feeling,
An ache unattended, longing for loving healing.

I'm dreaming the day away, with my eyes wide open,
Of words that I so want to hear, still unheard, still unspoken.
It's ironic that it seems so real, when in fact it's really not,
It seems to be what I want, the passion I've always sought.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Thought...

I wanted things to be just fine; I wanted life to be smooth,
It's not in my hands to decide, what kind of fate to choose.
I wanted bliss and happiness around me all the while,
In my stride I wish I could, take it all with a smile.

I thought I could go on again like the way it was before,
Get back on my feet, get over it and handle even more.
I thought I could forget it all and go on with my life,
What did I know that life was all about uncertainty and strife!