Monday, March 23, 2009

Before I die, I just have to...

The question says; list five things and as I started typing, I realized that you can list more than five if you wish. But then knowing myself, I have the tendency to go overboard. So even though with a little more thought and effort I could have listed at least 20 things to do before I die, I decided to stick to 5! :-)

Write a book!
I just love writing and I hope that I write at least one book (and an extremely good one at that!) before I go!! Its something I've been dreaming of since I started reading Enid Blyton and Hardy Boys (been dreaming about writing the book... not dying!) and they have been one of the first sources of inspiration to write. :-)

Take a world Tour!
In all my life so far I have made only one trip outside India; to Ghana (West Africa) when I was eleven years old. Since I read a lot of books, I've read about the wonderful places all over the world and would love to see them in reality 'coz the way they have been described in the books is way too awesome to just sit at home and read about!

Find my soulmate!
Isn't that what life is all about? Finding the perfect partner? Well, maybe not PERFECT, but close enough... Someone who you can share your life with, whose dreams match yours, who you could talk to for hours without getting tired and have them listen to you just the same, who you'd rather be WITH than WITHOUT!!

Do some social work...
I know I am not running for Miss World, but hey we all want a better world to live in don't we? So why not do something within our capacity to make it a better place? When I have the money, I will contribute towards the well being of orphans, buy them clothes, toys and books to read (who knows if they'll ever be able to go out of their own cities... let alone take a world tour... And to quote Jhumpa Lahiri... author of 'The Namesake', here goes a line from the same book... On being asked if he had been outside India, traveled the world, Ashok replies, "My Grandfather always used to say that's what books are for")

Tell everyone in my family and my close friends that I love them...
and that life wouldn't have been half as much fun without them. They have played the most important role in shaping my life the way it has turned out and I am thankful to them for that... And mostly, this makes the list because I'll have to haunt them and scare the shit out of them if I have to tell them that I love them AFTER I am dead!!! :-)


  1. Ms Nikita Azaad u actually got me thinking what i want/desire to achieve before i die... at this stage i doubt if i can reach a meaningful 5...

    Anyways its your blong n comments are ment to be
    centred on you... So here you Go...

    After reading the first few lines this is what came to me "YOU IN THE WRONG PROFESSION... "

    M surprised you desire a soul mate after a world tour... is it that u want to check out the entire world to find a match for urself ???
    I doubt if there is another unique character in the world as you... he he he


  2. Finding a soulmate isn't about 'Who u'd RATHER be WITH than WITHOUT', it is about finding a person WITHOUT whom life can never be the same..

    Nice list of 'things to do' :)

    btw.. u can tell ur famliy and friends 'i love u' even now!! m waiting for it ;)