Sunday, March 29, 2009


Rakesh didn't know how to react. She knew?? How? When? For how long? All these questions remained unanswered. He felt terrible about what had happened. He saw the tears that had filled her eyes as she said “I know,” and he couldn’t control himself any longer. He held her at her waist, with his head softly placed on her grown belly and broke down. She put her hand on his head and they both cried without saying a word to each other.

For her; she had brushed past her worst nightmare and life was normal again – almost. Rakesh was there with her and would always be there for their children. She didn’t want anything more. She didn’t want him to explain, didn’t want him to beg for forgiveness; she was just glad that it was over.

For him; he had almost lost his family, their trust and love and to have that back was like a second chance. He was not going to make any excuses and tell her that it wasn’t his fault, that he was tricked into it. He was going to accept his part of the blame. But Naina didn’t want to hear any of that. He could see that she was glad to have him back and he was relieved that the family would be safe and happy.

They both knew without saying this to each other that it would be a while before things would go back to normal, but were glad to be with each other nonetheless. They stayed there holding each other, losing track of time and oblivious to everything around them. The healing had begun.

Note from the Author
It feels great to have finally completed a story after having started quite a few of them which don't seem to be going anywhere (much less have an ending!) The story just popped into my head one night just as I was going to bed (the first line of the story to be more precise) and I lay awake for about twenty minutes constructing a story around it before I could actually go to sleep.

The next day, I started writing in the afternoon when I was taking my lunch break and the words kept flowing. I had decided from the beginning that it had to be a short story (so it had to have an ending) and posted the first part of the story on the blog that evening. I also wrote that I planned to complete it in three parts. Now that was a challenge.

Firstly because I couldn't stretch it more than three parts and secondly, I couldn't go and change even a line from the first part. The story in the first part was written. I then had to continue the second part without contradicting what I had already written and still making sense. Thankfully, this being my first sincere effort at story writing, the storyline wasn't that complicated and didn't need a master plot; although putting myself in the shoes of a married pregnant woman was a little difficult. I just hope I've not made a fool of myself and the way the story has been described is closer to reality than not!

Just like I started with the first line of the story, I knew what the last line was going to be when I was writing the second part. The task then, was to create a story in between the first and last lines and then hope that it all made sense. I hope it did and that you enjoyed reading it. I guess hoping that you enjoyed reading it is asking for too much. Let me put it another way; I hope that you didn't get bored.

I'll be a while before I write another story; post June mostly unless another idea hits me just as I'm about to fall asleep and I can't sleep till I've put it down into words. Thank you all for being patient and your encouraging comments. That's all I need to keep writing...



  1. Congrats on successfully completing the maiden story...


  2. There wasn't one unnecessary word in the entire story ... You have a talent, use it well!

  3. Hey sweetheart..
    Awesome....just awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very nice and touching story. I literally had tears in my eyes while reading it. you have got an amazing talent of writing Nikita. Keep it up and All the Best...