Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Unnamed Feeling

It's all I can think about, my mind is never at rest,
Relentlessly dreaming, wondering and wishing for the best.
An indescribable emotion, an unnamed feeling,
An ache unattended, longing for loving healing.

I'm dreaming the day away, with my eyes wide open,
Of words that I so want to hear, still unheard, still unspoken.
It's ironic that it seems so real, when in fact it's really not,
It seems to be what I want, the passion I've always sought.

Without a word, without a touch, a bond has begun to grow,
The care, the warmth, the need for each other, has begun to show.
The need to want to be together, to hear the unsaid words,
So there's nothing more left to guesses and nothing remains unheard.

How I wish this could happen, how I wish it was true!
How I want this to happen, want to see this through!
The unnamed feeling, is something undefined,
Making me look for the healing, the heart wants to find!

- 7 February, 2008

It's four months later now, and my heart still skips a beat,
When you turn to look at me, I'm swept off my feet.
It's not the same thing though, the way that it used to be,
The unnamed feeling has touched your heart too, in your eyes I can truly see.

I'm blissfully blessed, to have you by my side,
You're my strength, my will, in you lays my pride.
The strength that can lose no battle, the will to do whatever it takes,
To walk the rockiest road with a smile, all for my baby's sake.

'I love you' - Now I can say it to you aloud,
Scream it before the whole world and be on the tenth cloud.
I can now say 'I need you,' without the slightest fear,
'Coz I know you need me too, forever with you my dear.

As I look deep into your eyes, I still wonder if it could be true,
Something that was just a dream, has blossomed into a bond oh so new.
A bond so strong, that no force can possibly break,
Two hearts that beat for one another, that no one else can take.

It's a wonderful life with you my baby,
Where there are no 'ifs,' 'buts' or a 'maybe.'
Two souls that belong together have finally met,
On it my life, my happiness I can bet!

How I wished this could happen, how I wished it was true,
How I wanted this to happen, wanted to see this through!
The unnamed feeling is something undefined,
I've finally found the healing, the heart wanted to find!

- Azaad!!
- 17 June, 2008

Well, I said I wouldn't post this for a while but since I had bragged about this a lot in the previous post I thought it would be unfair to my readers if I didn't (like I have a huge fan following!!)


  1. how do u get such magical words in ur egg sized brain?............keeping that aside, thiese poems are magical and amazing!

  2. Whoa!!! Dint know there was a poet in the family :-)

  3. "Anonymous" is my cousin Kritika. Somehow her "Pea-sized" brain forgot to register the fact that she has to use her name to comment on the post and it wasn't intended to be anonymous! Guess an egg-sized brain is better than a pea-sized one.. Haha :-p

    Sorry Kittu... :-)

  4. Azad, my friend, you write so impressively. Very rarely do I find people who load their words with such passion. But on a very critical and constructive note, I'd ask you to be a bit careful about repetitive expressions like in the lines "The care, the warmth, the need for each other, has begun to show.
    The need to want to be together, to hear the unsaid words" - "the need for each other" and "the need to want to be together" all sounds the same. Also look at the progression of words in "the need to want..." Need and want sounds the same again! I'm sorry if I've made you feel bad with my criticism. Can't help it, I studied English Lit. for my degree and was much paned to see an otherwise beautiful poem getting a bit mixed up.

    But as a whole your poem was wonderful and it reminded me of what the great English poet Wordsworth told about poetry - Every poem is an unrestrained flow of powerful emotions captured and retained in a moment of tranquillity.

    Ekanthapadhikan (

  5. Thank you for those brilliant insights! In the flow of emotions I guess I never realized that I was reiterating the same thing... Though probably that's what I felt at that moment (the need and want combined makes this bigger than it seems!)

    When I'm writing a poem, other than being grammatically correct and having my spellings in order, I don't bother much unless it seems to me that I am contradicting myself. But it was nice to see someone who knows what he's talking about. Would appreciate such comments in the future as well. They will only help me improve and do better! Thanks once again!

    And my blog is called "Infinite Emotions" for a reason! ;)