Monday, April 27, 2009

Sagaai, Mehendi and My BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Part 3)

The plan for the evening was that my school friends and Kanchan & Saurabh were going to come over to my Dada-Dadi's place at Andheri, where I would cut the cake with family and friends present and then I would take my friends out for dinner. We freshened up as soon as we reached home and I went down to Birdy's to buy the cake. Vishal and Madhu were the first ones to come. I remember Ananya's reaction when I introduced them to the family. She twitched her face and gave an awkward smirk and said, "Madhu??" when she learned that a guy's name was Madhu. Poor Madhu gets that every time he tells someone his name.

Amit and Sandeep were the next ones to arrive and asked, "Score kya hua hai?" as soon as they entered. Yes, the IPL matches began that day and did not let that affect my friends' attention towards me at all! :-p My ignorance and disinterest didn't bother them at all. I was talking a lot as usual and my friends suggested that I should replace Mandira Bedi on screen, as even she talks a lot, doesn't make sense and doesn't know what she's talking about. So I would be perfect for the job!! Again... WTF??? ;-)

Sagaai, Mehendi and My BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Part 2)

I don't want to talk about the mehendi function AT ALL!!! Everyone knows how much I love having a beautiful design made on my hand in Henna; so much that when I realised that no one else was going to give in to my requests and apply it for me, I learnt to do it myself (the only drawback being that I always had mehendi only on my left hand!) and gradually I became good at it. So of course I know the different styles of mehendi designs and even if I didn't, I can tell the difference between a good design and a horrible one. I hope you can understand where I'm going. Well, I guess I'll have to narrate the entire thing anyway (ah! The pain that causes!!)

Sagaai, Mehendi and my BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Part 1)

I know it's been a long time since I punched keys here, but a lot had been going on in the past few weeks which left me either too tired or too excited or too happy or just plain bored to type (and I love typing... All my bosses can confirm that!!!)

Starting with my Bua's engagement ceremony and the week long preparation in anticipation of that; the entire week has been eventful (of course the engagement was almost ten days ago but the spirits are still high!) It was a typical chat mangni, pat byah type situation; engagement on one evening combined with the Sangeet function (Sangeet these days has a totally different feel with a DJ,) followed by the Mehendi and Haldi functions the next evening and finally the wedding, the morning after! And coincidentally the wedding was on my Birthday!! :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ministers of Sinister Activities!

I was just talking to Jay over the phone the other day and after the general Hi-Hello, How are things, I happened to ask him, Arre yaar! Elections are coming up! Whom do we vote for? And that led to this brilliant idea (the entire credit goes to Jay Shah... I've just put it into words!) We discussed how we; (our gang) if appointed to run the nation would change things. So we started talking about how we, as Ministers of this country can make a difference, who will take up what position and how that will help the country. Now that's a plan! ;-)

It was almost a ten to fifteen minute discussion (on an international call!) and unfortunately I could not remember who was supposed to handle what Ministry. So Jay and I clarified this over e-mail and chat and refreshed our memories; and once the final list of candidates and their positions was ready, I decided to post it over here. Neki aur pooch pooch ;-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Bakwaas!

It's one of those days where you feel like just lazing around and doing absolutely NOTHING! Phew… I’ve just described every single day of my life for the past few weeks now! Worst part, I can’t afford to laze around and do nothing. And with the growing heat and humidity all I want to do is keep the AC on the entire day and not get out of my room at all!! What’s with the heat anyway?? It is impossible to do anything in this weather and enjoy it. As I am typing, even Merlin (my MS Office Assistant) is yawning and dozing off.

If this is the condition in April, I’d rather migrate to some place cooler (even 30 degrees seems cooler at this moment) before May sets in. Just two days ago, I was out in the afternoon (bad time to get out of the house, I’m telling you) just to go from one building to another and I was drenched in sweat. That was in Andheri and the thought that Navi Mumbai would be a bit better made me feel nice. But once I was back here, I realized that the condition here is no better. It seems as if the best time to venture out in this weather is after dark.