Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Bakwaas!

It's one of those days where you feel like just lazing around and doing absolutely NOTHING! Phew… I’ve just described every single day of my life for the past few weeks now! Worst part, I can’t afford to laze around and do nothing. And with the growing heat and humidity all I want to do is keep the AC on the entire day and not get out of my room at all!! What’s with the heat anyway?? It is impossible to do anything in this weather and enjoy it. As I am typing, even Merlin (my MS Office Assistant) is yawning and dozing off.

If this is the condition in April, I’d rather migrate to some place cooler (even 30 degrees seems cooler at this moment) before May sets in. Just two days ago, I was out in the afternoon (bad time to get out of the house, I’m telling you) just to go from one building to another and I was drenched in sweat. That was in Andheri and the thought that Navi Mumbai would be a bit better made me feel nice. But once I was back here, I realized that the condition here is no better. It seems as if the best time to venture out in this weather is after dark.

The irritatingly hot weather is one thing; everyone else enjoying the beginning parts of their vacations is another! All my cousins are done with their exams or just have one or two papers left to go and have already started making plans. Didi, can you come here or there with us, they ask me and all I can say in return is, Kiddos, your exams are over, not mine. Lets plan something after I am free as well. But guess what, by the time I will be done with my exams, their schools would have re-opened already.

I was at my Granny’s place in the afternoon the other day and Rudransh (my brother) was at home (he had just come back from tuitions so he was all prepared for the exam the next day and had some time to spare) and we had the best afternoon ever. He’s in that phase where he has started listening to good English music (thank God for that!) and we discuss songs that we like and listen to. His recent favorite bands are Metallica, Coldplay, Linkin Park and a few others (though they all don’t fall in the same genre.)

That afternoon, we played songs like The Unforgiven II, Whiskey in the Jar, Fade to Black and Turn the Page by Metallica; and In the End, Somewhere I Belong, Lying from You and Numb by Linkin Park and sang along as well (of course we needed the help of for some of the songs and the most surprising lyrics turned out to be those of Whiskey in the Jar. The song doesn’t sound even half a bit close to what its lyrics actually are.)

I consider this as graduating from the phase of playing Roadrash and other computer games with him. He obviously plays more interesting games, but Roadrash was the only one I could play with him. I was never for these Dishum Dishum games. We used to take turns riding the bike. When one used to ride the bike, the other used to kick and hit the opponents and activate the cheat codes, etc. That phase was fun too. But I like this one better I guess (though we play computer games even now, its more about music and talking. The day when we’d have our own band doesn’t seem far off; with Rudransh as the lead guitarist, he’s got two friends who’ll be the bass and rhythm guitarists, I can always learn to play the drums ;-), Elroy knows to play the organ, and Natasha, Rudransh, Elroy and I can also contribute as vocalists!! There! Our band is ready… Yeah, we’ve got huge plans… I know!)

When I called him a day ago to wish him good luck (he insists that we wish him ‘Good Luck’ and never ‘All the best’ or ‘Best of Luck’ for some odd reason. Superstition runs in the family I guess when it comes to exams) for his last paper, he told me that he had a great time with me that day and asked me when I would meet him again. And both of us were equally disappointed when I told him it’d be another month before I could take out time to come all the way to Andheri again. Ek mahina aur! Kya didi, he had said. Hmm… Well, that’s the sad part. Can’t do most of the things I want to (even though I end up doing a lot of things I’m not supposed to!)

More than not being able to do fun things, it’s the thought that I can’t do them even if I want to; that’s more irritating. That’s my Azaadness speaking I guess; freedom and independence in thoughts and actions is what I need for survival.

Other than cursing the heat (and planning to move to Alaska. The original plan was to move to Antarctica until Natasha pointed out to me that since the ice there is melting pretty fast too due to global warming and soon the entire place will be just water and it'll be as good as living at sea; I shouldn’t consider going there since I don’t know swimming and I’d drown! And in comparison to that, Alaska is a better option :-p), having an awesome time with Rudransh and sulking about what I can’t do, the only other interesting thing during the past few weeks has been the time I spent with ‘The Gang’ during Amit’s birthday (sadly, I don't have the pictures yet! Would have uploaded at least one otherwise!)

Laughing so hard at their silly, stupid and awesomely funny statements (so hard that I almost cried,) singing ‘My Dream, is to fly, ova da rainbow, so high!!’ over and over and over again (and doing actions like a three year old when asked by everyone to shut up) and just seeing and being with everyone brought such utter peace and calm to my extremely distressed and disturbed mind. It was after a looong time that I was at ease, relaxed in my mind, devoid of all negative thoughts and negativity, completely comfortable and just happy to be where I was. So happy, that I couldn’t sleep. I was awake for thirty eight hours straight!!! Not because I wanted to; I just couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried. I woke up at five thirty in the morning on Tuesday for class (after just three effective hours of sleep) and by the time I slept, it was eight in the evening on Wednesday. And when I did fall asleep, it was for seventeen and a half hours!! What a relief! Those were my personal bests (longest I’ve stayed awake and slept!! Hahaha!)

Anyway, seems like another day has gone by without accomplishing much. Am waiting for June 15 to be Azaad mentally as well (from now on, I’ll celebrate Independence Day on 15 June instead of August!) Will study for sometime till Roadies comes on at 7 (wow…. I have something to look forward to… Thank God for small mercies :-p)

Adios till the next post! :-)

- Azaad!!

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  1. Haha! Liked the part where u mentioned ! (Are the paying u for advertising?)

    And if you thing Whiskey in the jar has indistinguisable lyrics... listen to 'Yellow Ledbetter' by Pearl Jam. No one knows the exact lyics still!