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Sagaai, Mehendi and my BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Part 1)

I know it's been a long time since I punched keys here, but a lot had been going on in the past few weeks which left me either too tired or too excited or too happy or just plain bored to type (and I love typing... All my bosses can confirm that!!!)

Starting with my Bua's engagement ceremony and the week long preparation in anticipation of that; the entire week has been eventful (of course the engagement was almost ten days ago but the spirits are still high!) It was a typical chat mangni, pat byah type situation; engagement on one evening combined with the Sangeet function (Sangeet these days has a totally different feel with a DJ,) followed by the Mehendi and Haldi functions the next evening and finally the wedding, the morning after! And coincidentally the wedding was on my Birthday!! :-)

It was nice to meet everyone in the family at the engagement, the haldi and mehendi ceremony and on my birthday. Frankly speaking, I wasn't too excited about the wedding; I wasn't even going to go. Firstly, because I am not that close to Bua; secondly, the idea of someone else being the centre of attention on my birthday was too much for me to digest (my exams being just a little over a month away didn't even feature in the list of excuses to not go! C'mon... a birthday comes once a year, sure it comes every year, but it would be only once THIS year!!! :-p)

Kritika insisted a lot that I come and when Mama-dada and Mami-dadi themselves asked Amma and me to come, I couldn't say no. Also, the idea of being with the entire family on my birthday (and every one would be dressed in their best, so the pictures would be awesome!) was great. And since I would have already spent time with family during the day, I could be with my friends in the evening without feeling guilty that I wasn't spending time with family :-)

When I called Kritika to tell her that I'd be coming for the wedding, she reacted by saying, "Oh.. Ok.. So what?" I could have almost bashed her up for that! Here I was thinking that she'd be excited that I was going to be there after the zillion phone calls that she made, asking me if I was going to go, convincing me to go and then discussing what she was going to wear for each of the functions, asking my opinion on what colours and styles she should wear; and when I actually tell her that I was going to go, I get a bland reaction??? WTF??? What was with this I-don't-care attitude?

Turns out that she was just kidding. Of late, she has been doing that a lot (or maybe "I was kidding didi" is just a way to save her ass from the butt kicking that she knows she's going to get!!) So then (still over the phone) we discussed the events a little more in detail, this time even I could contribute something about what I was going to wear, etc. and so the planning began.

Now, since the wedding was on my birthday, I thought I'd wear the new golden saari that I have (the one that I bought during Diwali but didn't wear.) So we (Amma and I) started making sets of clothes (for each of the events) and their accessories, shoes, matching handbags, etc. and as we were doing that we realised that I did not have matching ear-rings for my golden saree (which was supposed to be worn for the main function.) So we set out shopping, for sets to match her saree and a pair of ear-rings for mine.

Unfortunately, Chembur and Ghatkopar markets did not have the kind of ear-rings I wanted, not even close! Surprising, isn't it? So after searching the entire market (and letting go of a beautiful pair of shoes at Regal... stupid people didn't have a pair in my size and Amma wasn't willing to come all the way to Ghatkopar once again just to buy a pair of shoes...) we did NOT find what we came for; neither of us! I decided that Andheri was the best place to look for what I wanted (also, both Amma and I were losing patience with each other... She likes to go to ten stores and check out stuff before she decides what she is going to buy. I on the other hand, pick up something as soon as I like it without bothering to check if another shop has something better and not necessarily cheaper, and if it does, I pick that up too, much to the annoyance of my mother :-p)

So I made a four-day trip to Andheri between 6th and 10th April, telling Amma that I needed to shop for ear-rings, matching shoes and at least one new dress for my birthday, which will be available only in Andheri at Nadco market. Also, for the cotton dress that I wanted for my birthday, there was Fabindia in Khar and Shoppers Stop just around the corner.

Mostly it was to go and live with Kamya and Jyothi (like the one month we spent living together in October 2007 and were termed as Independent Ladies by Jay) to study with them and to avoid getting in Natasha's way when she would be at her worst (you should see her when she has her exams! I'd rather be far far away that be worried about disturbing or annoying her when she's "studying!") We used to study (we tried to study in the beginning, and eventually succeeded) till early morning, sleep somewhere around 5 AM and used to wake up around noon to the tunes of Delhi 6 or Dev D played by Jyothi (who used to be up and ready early since she slept early) on Amit's laptop. It was way better than "Wake up you idiots!! Don't you have to study," which is usually how my mom wakes me up after four or five subtle tries (replacing the word idiots with its singular form :-p)

Then we used to chat a little, go to B-3 to have lunch and we sat to study somewhere around 2.30 - 3. This session went on till 6 in the evening which was officially our break time (not to mention the gazillion breaks I took and made those two take as well just to discuss the one topic that I always talk about since I can remember...) and we used to go out to shop for what I wanted, get print outs of their projects (which had been going on since God-knows-when...) to meet the gang sometimes; basically- chill out.

We must have checked out at least ten shops for my ear-rings before I finally found one pair which was close to what I wanted! Even Shoppers Stop didn't have the ear-rings that I wanted; can you believe that? But the one dress (by W) that I picked up in the Indian wear section at Shoppers Stop fit me as if it was made for me! :-) :-)

As for shoes, I found good ones only in a shop whose prices were way beyond my budget for shoes (or the dress!!) I could have bought three (or even four) pairs of shoes from some other shop for the price of the one in Lords. So my shoe purchase was done when I came back to Nerul.

Dinners were again at B-3 (except for one night at Dominos) after which we came back and studied some more; actually I kept my Law text book open, read a few lines and when one of the other two (who were making PowerPoint presentations of their respective projects) would come up with a formatting query (I love formatting too... My bosses can confirm that too... Its pretty much what I did for one and a half years during my articleship with EY... hahaha... :-p) I would fling the book away and completely engross myself in the ways in which Allium Cepa, Curcuma Longa, Capsicum Annum and Nymphaea Pubescens(commonly known as Onion, Turmeric, Capsicum and Lotus respectively) could help in curing Diabetes Mellitus even though I didn't understand head or tail of what the result of the entire research proved (except for the fact that their theories were right - that these plants did help control Diabetes Mellitus to some extent.)

So I had a wonderful, exciting and eventful four days at Andheri with my best pals and was actually a little sad when I had to come back. But I had to, for if I didn't, I was worried that Amma wouldn't let me come back there for my own birthday and there was no way that I wanted THAT to happen!!! I actually remember mentioning to Jyothi that I was missing them both and she said she felt the same.

Anyway, 11th to 15th of April went by normally, with classes in the morning, and me coming back home and sleeping the day away since my entire schedule of staying awake during the night and sleeping 5 AM onwards had been disturbed (yet again!) I was never able to study in the evenings, so I whiled the time away and as soon as dinner was over, I tried to fall back asleep so that I could sleep when normal people do, be fresh for the lecture in the morning and don't feel the need to fall asleep after I'm back home. That wasn't happening though. I used to be up for quite sometime after I lay on the bed and I ended up wasting a few more days just trying to change my sleep schedule.

A day before the engagement, I pampered myself after about three or four months by calling this beautician lady home! Never new what wonders waxing, clean-up, manicure and a pedicure can do! I felt rejuvenated... so much that I actually sent a text message to Kamya and Jyothi saying that I had just realised that I was still beautiful and pampering myself had reinstated my belief in myself; and then I added a smiley :-)

Jyothi thought it was an 'All the best' message since their exams were beginning the next day. But when she actually read the message, she responded saying (and I quote her when I write this!) "Wat!! mad woman! Go see the doctor" Hahaha...

Anyway, the engagement was fun! I was dressed in a red saree and Amma in a maroon one! I was meeting everyone in the family after a really long time. So I was really happy to see them all. There was a group of Bhangra people called who played the Dhol and danced (this was before the DJ took over) and then dragged each and every one of the Bride and Groom's family members by singing, "Vaari varsi khatan gayyasi, khat ke leyaandi... ...nache Kudi di (orMunde di)..." and then mentioning the relation of the person with the Bride or the Groom and making them dance to the tunes of the Dhol which was so loud that we couldn't have been able to hear the Vaari varsi part if they hadn't stopped playing it when that was being sung.

Kritika, Ananya and I went and danced when Kudi di behen and when Kudi di bhateeji were called!! Double fun!!! Hahaha... And ok! I admit it... I couldn't help but envision myself in my Bua's position (a few years later of course,) all my family members and friends cheering, laughing, dancing and enjoying themselves; with my beau and I, standing there beaming - at each other and every one else, just on the verge of starting a new life with each other and looking forward to togetherness forever (not to mention that it freaked me out more than it had ever done before, especially when Kritika started pointing out to Dadi that I was next in the family to get married and Dadi nodding her head in agreement!! Once again, WTF????)
(Continued in next post)

- Azaad!!

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