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Sagaai, Mehendi and My BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Part 2)

I don't want to talk about the mehendi function AT ALL!!! Everyone knows how much I love having a beautiful design made on my hand in Henna; so much that when I realised that no one else was going to give in to my requests and apply it for me, I learnt to do it myself (the only drawback being that I always had mehendi only on my left hand!) and gradually I became good at it. So of course I know the different styles of mehendi designs and even if I didn't, I can tell the difference between a good design and a horrible one. I hope you can understand where I'm going. Well, I guess I'll have to narrate the entire thing anyway (ah! The pain that causes!!)

Turns out, that the mehendi function was over in the afternoon and all the immediate relatives of the bride (and her friends) were taken care of! Why the hell were we told that there was amehendi and haldi function in the evening then? On asking, we (Kritika, Ananya and I) were told that they had called another person who would apply it for us. We were okay with that, but when she started drawing on my hand, I realised what I had gotten myself into! I could recollect the last time I was at my friend's mehendi function; the same thing had happened there and I had ended up drawing on my own hand. I don't know why I am this emotional, but I was holding back my tears of disappointment at the horrible mess that was being made on my palms; both of them! :-( All I could think of then was that it would have been a thousand times better if I would have done it myself!!!

I couldn't cry there, so once the mess on my hands was completed, I went to the other side of the terrace where there was no one and cried my heart out (maybe there were other things on my mind that got an outlet, but I cried hard) all the while trying hard not to make any noise and alert others. Wiping the tears off was a task since I had mehendi on both my hands. Thankfully, my fingertips were free and I used all ten of them one by one to clear my face, took a deep breath and returned to where Kritika was now ruining her hands.

I was so upset (don't go by the picture! This was taken after I washed my hands thoroughly with water!!) that I needed to talk to someone and I called Sandeep (didn't tell him what was bothering me though) and he sensed that something was wrong, said he couldn't talk since he was with his friend. He told me that he'd call me later (which he did when I was on my way back home and I narrated the entire saga to him which he listened to patiently!!)

After we were both done, we went down and I washed my hands immediately on the pretext of my skin allergy saying that it was starting to itch (I didn't want the colour to be dark, which ultimately it was even after I washed it within thirty minutes! Imagine! Horrible designs on my hand just a night before my birthday and they were only getting darker!!) Kritika (like a fool) used the same excuse to wash her hands and we were both relieved! I started cribbing about this to my mother who seemed to think that I have too much nakhra!! (I am tempted to use another WTF here, but I'm not going to!)

Anyway, Ananya, Beena chachi, Dadi and Amma had "designs" made on their hands too by the same girl. Dadi and Amma didnt seem to mind, whereas Ananya didn't even realise that it was not all that great (she was just happy that her designs went uptil her elbows on both hands... poor girl) but we had Beena chachi on our side (who actually told me, "You should've told me earlier naa, then I wouldn't have got this shit on my hands!) We missed the Haldi function while our hands were being mercilessly ruined as we were on the terrace and the function was at home downstairs. My mom participated in it though, being the Bride's Bhabhi!

In between all this, Natasha was at home studying for her exams. She didn't attend any of the functions. By the time we returned home, it was 11.45 PM and I started getting Happy Birthday calls even before I could change or wash up!! Sandeep called around 11.50 PM casually asking what I was doing and dragging the conversation for the next ten minutes talking more rubbish than he usually does :-p (he must've said Madhu mera dost at least four times!!!) Then Ashish called, then Jyothi. When I was talking to Jyothi aroung 12.10 AM, Amma stood at my bedroom door asking me (almost yelling) why I was wasting time over the phone and not getting things ready for the next day. I coolly replied saying that I was getting calls and I couldn't not answer them; and that was when she realised, came into the room, gave me a hug and kissed my cheek and said 'Happy Birthday!' Natasha was worse!! She walked into the room around 12.30 AM when I was talking to Kamya and asked me what the time was before she realised that she had to wish me!!! Kya Family Hai!!! ;-)

I was up till 1.45 AM getting things ready for the next day and it took some time after that for me to finally fall asleep. I was all ready by 8.30 AM the next day to leave for the wedding and took pictures of myself in the saree as I knew that no one else would be patient enough to do that for me!

As usual Amma, Perima (my maternal grandma) and I, were one of the first few people from our family to reach the venue and there was still some time for the wedding to start. So we utilised that to interact with other family members who were present there. One of my chacha's sons, Aarav (almost 2 years old) had gotten familiar with me over the last three days and went off to sleep on my shoulders while I was holding him. I went to one of the seats at the back of the hall (under the air-conditioner) and sat there with this chubby, cuddly baby sleeping in my arms for about an hour and a half. Pretty soon, Rudransh and Ananya were there too! They found me and sat next to me. I saw the bride enter the hall from my point of vantage and watched the entire ceremony in peace.

Kritika and Karan joined in too after the ceremony had started (Shubh mangal, Saavadhaanbeing said like twenty times already! The groom was a Maharashtrian...) and they also found seats at the back. So I was sitting there with four children and a baby in my arms (who cuddled up like a soft toy and I couldn't stop playing with his milky white cheeks!!)

When the pheras were about to start, I moved to the front to get a better look. But the timing was bad. The Holy Fire had created so much smoke that people were sitting in the front rows with tears in their eyes! Thank God the baby was sleeping then! I tried to cover my eyes and a part of the baby's face with my pallu (the material of the saree was made of net, so it was possible to see the wedding with my eyes safely covered!) After the intensity of the smoke reduced, I tried to wake the baby up after he had slept for more than an hour by saying, Bua ki shaadi nahi dekhni? Aur ninni aayi hai?? He nodded indicating that he wanted to sleep some more but when he slightly opened his eyes and saw so many people around him, he was fully awake and then he spotted his father and struggled to go to him. He clung to my chacha like a little baby monkey to his mamma.

The rest of the wedding went off beautifully! The reception was immediately after lunch, so once the wedding was over and the lunch was about to start; we – the Azad kids, were up on the dias clicking pictures of each other in various poses. Our mothers were getting embarrassed and we were asked to get off the stage and go have lunch and that we had to obey.

We finished our lunch and waited for sometime to click pictures with the Bride and the Groom and left around three. Dadi wanted to stay back for the Bidaai since it was her only niece. So chacha, chachi, dadaji, the kids and I left; Dadaji asking for Dadi every few minutes all the way from Dadar to Andheri! Dadaji gave us a tour of the part of Mumbai where they used to live earlier, showing us places where he used to buy vegetables from, where they came to have a walk in the evening, the route he took to go to work and come back home, my dad's school, etc. and he remembered it at 82 like it was just a few weeks ago. Even though Matunga has changed a lot from what it was in the 70s and 80s, he was still able to recollect every single detail about his life then! It was a fun trip home listening to Dadaji narrate his early life experiences; with Ananya occasionally interrupting by explicitly expressing her want for an ice-cream from Baskin Robbins in a musical way!
(Continued in the next post)

- Azaad!!

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  1. he narrated the same things to us..........u knw walks on sunday evenings, buying vegetables on sunday mornings........every time he talks about that place he has that smile which to me is the most precious thing and i always want it 2 be on dadaji's face!!........oh god now i am makin myself cry!!!!........anyway, this post is just amazing!!!..........frm kittikaa