Monday, April 27, 2009

Sagaai, Mehendi and My BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Part 3)

The plan for the evening was that my school friends and Kanchan & Saurabh were going to come over to my Dada-Dadi's place at Andheri, where I would cut the cake with family and friends present and then I would take my friends out for dinner. We freshened up as soon as we reached home and I went down to Birdy's to buy the cake. Vishal and Madhu were the first ones to come. I remember Ananya's reaction when I introduced them to the family. She twitched her face and gave an awkward smirk and said, "Madhu??" when she learned that a guy's name was Madhu. Poor Madhu gets that every time he tells someone his name.

Amit and Sandeep were the next ones to arrive and asked, "Score kya hua hai?" as soon as they entered. Yes, the IPL matches began that day and did not let that affect my friends' attention towards me at all! :-p My ignorance and disinterest didn't bother them at all. I was talking a lot as usual and my friends suggested that I should replace Mandira Bedi on screen, as even she talks a lot, doesn't make sense and doesn't know what she's talking about. So I would be perfect for the job!! Again... WTF??? ;-)

They were discussing some player I guess and I heard the name Malika; "Malika?" I asked them. "Yes, she's hot! She's a blond!!!" they replied. And when that person actually came on the screen, I saw that it was a Sri Lankan GUY called Malinga, dark skinned with blond highlights and the guys (and my chacha) burst out laughing at me!!!

Anyway, Ananya had taken it up as a challenge to memorise everyone's names. So she kept repeating everyone's names over and over again in the order in which they were sitting till she got them all right! "Madhu, Sandeep, Amit, Vishal," she chanted in slow motion over and over again getting on all of our nerves. Amit asked her to repeat it faster and she did that!!! (It reminded me of the time in 10th standard when Amit asked one of the kids from 5th standard whose classroom was next to ours to call one of the teachers Naagin, and the kid did that!!! Weird!!)

I was checking with Kamya and Jyothi since 5 PM and they kept saying that they'll be there in fifteen to twenty minutes but were the last ones to show up with Aditya! Kanchan and Saurabh made it on time and we got to talk a bit (the guys' eyes still glued to the television watching the match with utmost interest and then Splitzvilla with just the same vigour when Kritika changed the channel!) Rudransh kept insisting that I cut the cake since he had to go down to play and began threatening that he'll eat it anyway if I don't cut the cake!! But I had to wait till Kamya and Jyothi arrived which they did around 7.15 PM!!

I cut the cake, people sang, I gave everyone a bite to eat and then cut the cake into pieces for everyone (Rudransh took four pieces and that didn't leave any for Chacha or chachi to eat!) It was almost 8 by the time we left the house and were able to reach Happy Singh only around 8.20 PM!

Dinner was fun; though everyone was still eyeing the LCD at the other end of the room to check the score out every few minutes. I was happy to see that Kanchan and Saurabh got along well with everyone else and were enjoying the evening. It was someone else’s birthday too that day (c’mon… I can’t be the only person born on that day; though I’d love it if that were true) and we heard the waiters sing Happy Birthday while it was also being played on the system. My friends said that they’ll ask them to sing for me as well and discreetly told one of the waiters that it was my birthday when I hesitated.

Suddenly a small brownie with a single candle on it appeared in front of me and Happy Birthday started playing on the system. One of the waiters handed a dafli to someone in the group and they started playing and singing as I cut the brownie. Amit dared to be different and went Aaaaaa aaaaa aaaaa without a sense of tune or rhythm when everyone else sang the usual boring Happy Birthday to you :-p

All in all it was a good dinner and we all came back to A9 as usual. The first thing the guys did was switch on the TV. I guess even the second match was over by then and the Opening Ceremony was on (who has the opening ceremony at the end of an event anyway???) While a few of them were watching the match the rest of us played the Word Puzzle on Amit’s laptop (and we reached level 31 with a score of 9797; our highest yet… it was a group effort but what the hell!)

It was somewhere around post midnight when I commented that the guys spent the evening more interested in the match than in talking to me. Sandeep heard this and started with, Kya tum log Nikita pe dhyaan nahi de rahe!! (when he was the one who asked "Score kya hua hai?" as soon as he entered the house, before even wishing me!)

We all chatted for sometime and slowly people started to doze off. Some of us were awake the entire night having deep meaningful conversations (and effectively saving a huge chunk of telephone cost…) It was a very eventful day for me plainly because nothing went wrong! Touch wood! Compared to all the birthdays that I have had in the last few years, this one did not involve crying, being yelled at, fighting or having a rotten mood for most part of the day :-)

On the other hand, there was a lot of laughing, company of family and friends who love me a lot!! It had been a trend for the last few years since I moved to Nerul that Kanchan was the only person who met me every year on my birthday! But this year, I met everyone!!! Even Sandeep; who has not been able to make it even to one of the after-my-birthday meetings due to some reason or the other in the last eight birthdays that I have had after school!!

Thank you so much guys for making this day special and memorable for me!! I had a wonderful day! Love you all!! :-) :-)

- Azaad!!

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  1. oh madam....kitna likhegi???? padna nahi hai kya...chal saal bhar ke liye likh liya..abhi padhai kar!!!