Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Axis Bank - Visa Debit Card

There's is this ridiculous advertisement that is being aired on TV for the last few days and I can't help but think how silly the entire idea is. The ad goes something like this...

There's this guy who asks an auto-rickshaw driver if he'll go to the ATM and the driver says, "ATM? Nahi..."

The guy scoffs at him and says that if he doesn't go, one of the others in the line at the auto-stand will. At this the auto driver steps out of his vehicle and says that none of the auto walas will go to the ATM.

The guy asks them if God had given them a lot of money as they weren't willing to take on a passenger. The auto wala in turn asks the guy if God has given him a lot of time that he can waste it by going to the ATM.

The guy is confused at this and the auto wala continues to explain that according to the auto wala the guy would be wasting a lot of time by going to the ATM, then waiting in the line and then withdrawing money. Now there was no need for anyone to go to the ATM if they had a VISA debit card! People could go to the super-market, swipe their card and buy what they wanted to; they could go to the movies, swipe their card and pay for the tickets; go to a restaurant, swipe the card and it would be done, etc. Check it out... It is the unedited version of the ad and therefore is a little longer! But you'll get the point!

I'm just a little curious here. The super-market, the movies, the malls, the restaurant, I can understand. Lets assume the guy gets convinced and doesn't want to go to the ATM anymore and wants to take a rickshaw home (or to his office or any place other than the ATM for that matter) but he' short of cash as he wasn't able to go to the ATM. Will the 'auto wala' accept the debit card??? ;-)


  1. Even though a banker, it took me some time to understand the message. However, its a matter of time !!

    The solution is already available called as P2P (Peer to Peer) Payments through Mobile Phones. Now that Banks are providing 'No Frills Account', even an Auto Wala or Paan Wala for that matter can also open a Bank Account and receive payment electronically in his account.

    Raj Prasad

  2. The whole point in critically analyzing the Ad is that in the present scenario the Ad doesn't make sense. Even with the most advanced developments in technology a little bit of cash will be required for something or the other. So the idea of 'Not going to the ATM AT ALL' is something that didn't seem right especially coming from a person whose day-to-day transactions happen in cash.

    Also, a lot of people don't seem to have realized the tiny flaw in the storyline of the Ad.

  3. Hmmmm... where will the guy swipe the debit card to pay the rickshaw wala?????

    I am way too tempted to answer this question!! :D

  4. mobi banking perhaps....You know transfer funds from oneaccount to another account via mobile

  5. see, one things for certain. none of the ads will give a true picture of nething. n it was obvious that u cant use ur debit card to pay that autowala, unless he carries a swiping machine n connection as well =-X  which is ridiculous. n mobi banking as suggested was surely not what the ad intended. 

    Theres one thing that i think u shld know abt. i hrd it from ma sis who stays in the UK. it seems the UK govt. fined the brand "Horlicks" since all the properties tat it said it had.. well it didnt. it was misleading to the public. but in our case, probably the laws arent that tough, hence such mindless ads!!!