Monday, May 11, 2009

Probably the only post I'll write in May!

Okay.. I have been very busy studying the last few days... finally!!! (so busy that I haven't been able to do the two things that I like the most apart from blogging... Sleeping and yapping away on the phone!!) It was disturbing me a little that its been 10 days in May and I haven't posted a single thing on the blog. Suddenly, I was reminded of this chat conversation that makes me laugh everytime I read it!!! (gmail saves chats u see...)

So I thought, why not give everyone a laugh without having to actually spend time in coming up with something new!! So I've pasted the entire chat conversation (I've edited the typo errors!) that my sister had with one of my closest friends and he didn't even realise that it wasn't me!!!

My gmail password is saved in gtalk and whenever someone connects to the internet, I get logged on! So he thought it was me (poor guy was out of station in some place for some official work) and began chatting normally with my sister. This is how the conversation went...

Him: hey u there

Me: no m not here :p

Him: oye.. kya ho gaya tujhko..

Me: oye oye
 kuch bhi toh nahi.....

Him: toh woh reply kya tha..

Me: kyun.. aisa lagta hai kya ki kuch hua hai?

Him: nahin toh..
 bas aise hi..

Me: toh phir jab tujhe aise nahi lagta hai ki kuch hua hai toh kyun poocha ke kuch hua hai kya?
 kya yaar tu bhi?

Him: ok.. ok..
 so what are u doing.. where are u?

Me: yahi hoon.. aur kahan ho sakti hoon
 what are u doing?

Him: nuthing much..
 am waiting..
 for my seniors
 dinner ke liye

Me: r u really hungry?

Him: abey toh..
 bahut jyaada..
 u know that i am out of station..

Me: then i dont think u shud wait for ur seniors.. u shud go ahead n eat
 after all pet pooja hi sabse badi pooja hoti hai

Him: no yaar..
 if i go, i'll have to eat in some normal restau..
 un logon ke saath acche hotel mein jaane milega..

Me: How chindi!

Him: hmm..

Me: bhook se zyaada status dekhta hai

Him: typical me..
 u see..
 the usuals..

Me: Oh My God... and u r proud of it...

Him: yeah..

Me: ew.. whatever

Him: aur bata..

Me: kya bataau?

Him: kuch bhi..

Me: tu bata..

Him: nuthing yaar..
 i really am tired today..
 bahut ghooma

Me: kyun ghooma?

Him: and the smell of the chemicals is really irritating me..
 arey i am here for the physical verification right?

Me: why.. were u in the laboratory?
 oh I see... did u smell liquor Ammonia?

Him: no but this is a chem manufacturing industry right..

Me: forget that did u smell Hydrogen Sulphide gas... smells like Kaayamchuran
 can cause Bronchitis

Him: pata nahin..
 but a mixture of all possible gases and chemicals man..

Me: what do u know then?

Him: kuch nahin...
 i have to sleep and get fresh for tomorrow

Me: wow... for all u know u must be on ur way to partial/ complete respiratory dysfunction

Him: he he..
 good one..

Me: pretty soon u might be dead.. u might not even get to have that "expensive" dinner of urs with ur seniors

Him: chup kar..

Me: why?
 sabko ek din marna hai

Him: barabar..

Me: scientists say that Death is an essential component of Life...

...and he signed out after that... He asked me later why I was talking to him so weirdly and when I told him that it wasn't me, he didn't believe me! He thought I was using that as an excuse to hide my real feelings (I was supposed to be damn pissed at him during those days.. and he thought that was the reason I was cold during the chat and then blaming it on my sister...) I guess I should sit him down after exams and tell him the truth... AGAIN!!! :-p

Natasha and I still laugh over it!!


  1. Poor fellow...natasha was taking his case big time...does he still talk to u? coz after this i wudnt be surprised if he doesn't..

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Kya kheechi maine saale ki!

  3. That was a really funny one. I too had a similar experience. But this was crazier. I had this huge crush over one of my class mates in school and one day I took the courage to call her up and propose to her. I did just that and was over cloud 9 when she kissed me over the phone! But all the excitement died off the next day when I found the whole bunch of girls in my class laughing at me 'coz it seems that I proposed to her younger sister the previous day! That was pretty embarrassing, if you can understand! 

  4. Oh my!!! now THAT was embarrassing!! What did u do then??? Coz in my case, he still doesn't believe it was me and he is saved from being laughed at as no one knows his name!!!