Thursday, June 18, 2009

Road Trip

I didn't even wait for twenty four hours after my exams got over and rushed to Andheri the very next day. I didn’t care that I was sleep deprived or that I was tired or that the one and a half hour journey with a lot of bags was not the first thing that I wanted. But with all that on one hand and the idea of meeting a bunch of people I love the most on the other; it was obvious what I’d choose.

I had exams from the first of June till the fifteenth on every alternate day and the trend had become such that I couldn’t sleep on the night before the exams. So I ended up staying awake for more than twenty four hours (drinking a lot of coffee to make that possible) and write the paper almost tired and I used to crash on the bed as soon as I got home after the paper and sleep straight for twelve to fourteen hours. Then again the cycle of staying up till the exam on the next day, began and it went on for two whole weeks. In short, I was sleeping once in two days.

But on the day of the last exam, I didn’t come back home from the centre immediately. I went out for Pasta with my friends, and then we went bowling. By the time I reached back home it was almost nine in the evening. I didn’t go to sleep even then. I made calls, spoke to people I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, wrote a small piece on the blog and it was one in the morning by the time I could actually go to sleep. I woke up at nine the next day to go to the temple and started to pack as soon as I got home. By six in the evening on Tuesday, I was in Andheri :-)

I came straight to Jyothi’s house and unloaded my bags (and there were a lot of them, believe me!!) The original plan was that Kamya, Jyothi and I would have a movie marathon that very day and had a list of thirty odd romantic comedy movies ready.

The criteria for any movie to fit into the category we wanted, was that it should have a really good looking actor so that we could ‘oooooh,’ ‘ohhhhh,’ ‘awwww’ everytime he and the leading lady kissed (or did other stuff!) Here’s the list…

  1. Pretty woman
  2. Notting Hill
  3. Music & Lyrics
  4. Princess' Diaries
  5. Princess' Diaries 2
  6. A Cinderella Story
  7. Bridges of Madison County
  8. Monster-in-law
  9. Never Been Kissed
  10. Wedding Planner
  11. Shall We Dance
  12. Runaway Bride
  13. 27 Dresses
  14. 13 Going on 30
  15. One Fine day
  16. Jerry McGuire
  17. What A Girl Wants
  18. Two Weeks Notice
  19. Kate & Leopold
  20. A Walk in the clouds
  21. A Walk to Remember
  22. While you were sleeping
  23. Laws of Attraction
  24. What happened in Vegas
  25. High School Musical
  26. Clueless
  27. Sleepless in Seattle
  28. When Harry Met Sally
  29. Bridget Jones's Diary
  30. 50 First Dates
  31. Jab We Met
  32. Hum Tum

But that plan had to be postponed since I wanted to meet everyone that day. It seems that Madhu had asked Jyothi if we could all go for a drive if we (the girls) didn’t plan to have a pajama party that night. The plans were then made spontaneously. Since it was Tuesday we decided to have Cheese Burst pizza [buy one get one free ;-)] at Dominos. So for dinner, it was Kamya, Jyothi, Amit, Sandeep, Madhu and I.

After dinner we decided to go for a drive. We picked up Vishal and headed towards Juhu beach since we wanted to have gola. Sandeep started saying that he wanted to go home as he had to get up early the next day and go to office and playfully suggested that if we were in the mood for a drive, we could go to Virar and drop him. Miraculously, everyone agreed.

So we went to the beach, had our golas and got into Kamya’s car – seven people in an Indigo! Madhu was driving with Amit in the front seat and the rest of us in the back of the car.

When asked about the route, even Sandeep didn’t know how to get to Virar by road. He just knew that there was a left turn from the highway that led to a kuccha road; and even after we took that one, we might have to ask someone on the way. Of course the possibility of someone sane and conscious being available in the middle of the night to guide us was next to zero, but we took the chance.

From Juhu beach we started to drive, the number of trucks on the road slowly increasing as we moved further away from the suburbs; the street lights slowly vanishing until the point where the road was lit only with the headlights of the car we were driving in and the glare from the headlights of the cars on the opposite side of the road. We had the radio on, so there was entertainment all through the journey. Even if we didn’t have the radio, well, I was there :-p

We talked, joked, laughed; all the while keeping a look out for the important left turn that we had to take. We told Sandeep that we had not come all the way till Virar just to drop him off and go back. He then decided to get a set of clothes for the next day and come back with us :-) :-)

Soon enough we reached his place at 2.30 in the morning! Vishal and Madhu had dinner (again) while the rest of us gorged on mangoes (except me… resisted the urge to eat my favorite fruit as I didn’t want any pimples on my face.) Obviously we had disturbed his parents but his mom got up to say ‘hi’ to everyone nonetheless.

After he finished packing and Madhu and Vishal finished their dinner, we left once more to begin a long road trip; Kamya driving this time with Madhu in the front. The talking, laughing, singing went on until Kamya sensed a weird noise coming. She asked Madhu to listen intently and when she slowed down Madhu realized that we had a flat tyre! It was 3.45 in the morning and we were just reaching Borivili and we had a punctured tyre. She pulled over to the side of highway and parked the car.

Thankfully there was a spare tyre and other tools (don’t know what they are called :-p) at the back of the car and someone knew how to change the tyre. The guys (except for Vishal who was not feeling well) and Kamya got to work while Jyothi, Vishal and I watched as Amit, Madhu and Sandeep started unscrewing the tyre and lifting the car up with the jack; Kamya at their side providing them with whatever assistance that they needed. Removing the flat tyre was not as difficult as trying to fit the new one back on. After a hundred tries it fit and the screws were tightened. The sweat on Amit and Sandeep’s faces alone could fill a whole bucket!

By 4.15 AM it was all done and we got back into the car just hoping that all would go well till we all reached home because there we no more spare tyres available. Kamya had to drop the car back at home since her dad needed it to go back to office in the morning. But she couldn’t go home at that hour. So we dropped Amit and Sandeep at Amit’s place, dropped Vishal at his place and reached Jyothi’s place. We entered as stealthily as possible and freshened up.

Kamya’s dad needed the car at 7 so she had to get up early. We decided to watch a movie till then as we knew that going to sleep and getting up in less than two hours would not be easy. So we started watching Love Actually on the comp but went off to sleep within thirty minutes. I did not realize when Kamya woke up, but she took the car home on time.

It was a great experience and a night I will never forget! The sheer excitement of driving all the way till Virar, the shock and fear when we learned about the flat tyre and the satisfaction that we were able to replace the tyre without any external help was something we had never experienced before. All in all it was a great first day of vacation and I got to meet all my friends (except Aditya!) and I am planning to be here in Andheri for a few days more. Who knows maybe something better and more exciting will come along.

Till then,

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