Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 2 of the trip...

I meant to write about this sooner but it has been a crazzzy three weeks! My cousins from the States had come over for two weeks (they were here from 11th of July till the 25th) and they were just too adorable to not play with (I have an almost six year old sister and an eleven year old brother!) So even though it had been constantly on my mind that I had promised to write about day 2 of the trip, I somehow wasn’t able to.

Moreover, my lectures finally started on the 13th! So that week I was “professing” (as Joey puts it :-p) in the morning and in the afternoons (will elaborate on that in a separate post) and therefore I’ve been busy. I’ve not been teaching during the last two weeks but have just been plain lazy to write and because of that it has taken this long for me to write about the second day of our trip.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kalsubai - Heaven on Earth!

If someone had told me a week ago that I’d be standing on top of the highest peak of the Sahyadri, I would’ve laughed at them; hard. Me?? And trek?? It was something that was difficult for me to imagine, especially because I am not athletic at all and even more so, when my geography was just refreshed when I found out that Kalsubai is the highest peak in the Sahyadri ranges (I never liked geography anyway.)

For me, it was an outing with my school gang – something I had been looking forward to since the day we decided that we would all go away for a weekend trip. So I was all excited about going on a trip and having fun. Madhu and Amit told me two days before the trip that we would be going trekking and advised that I should bring appropriate shoes to facilitate the climb and strictly warned me against bringing any footwear that had heels. They added that apart from being appropriately dressed for the trek, I should also be mentally prepared for the trek and I thought, how hard could a trek be? Turns out, very!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Teaching the Master

After postponing for three days, it finally happened today. I called Ma’am in the morning and checked with her and she told me she’d be able to meet me at six in the evening. I was prepared since Monday so didn’t have to go through the entire thing once again. So I spent the afternoon surfing the net and watching the second and third episode of the first season of the OC.

I was there a few minutes before 6 and Ma’am came there around 6.10. I followed her to the small classroom where Binduji came and wiped the board clean for me to write on and Ma’am sat on one of the benches. It was weird at first and I told Ma’am that I am feeling very awkward teaching her and she very sweetly assured me that I had nothing to worry about. “Just think that I know nothing about what you are going to teach and go on,” she told me and that boosted my confidence a little.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Delays and Headaches

So I wanted to write and finish this story that I should have posted by Sunday night, but somehow I wasn’t able to. I guess I’ve lost the touch of keeping up with deadlines. Another thing that I should have accomplished by now was the demo lecture I was supposed to present before ma’am so as to ensure her that I would do a good job as a Math teacher for CPT; but even that will happen today!

I was supposed to meet ma’am on Monday but the cough I acquired during the last weekend got worse Sunday night; so much that my chest almost burns from inside every time I cough. So Monday got cancelled and I requested ma’am if I could come on Tuesday and she agreed. However, Tuesday afternoon I got a text message from her asking me to come the following day. So finally, I hope I’ll be able to go today afternoon and get it over with ‘coz I am getting irritated with the feeling of anxiety and nervousness that I’ve been having the past few days.