Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Delays and Headaches

So I wanted to write and finish this story that I should have posted by Sunday night, but somehow I wasn’t able to. I guess I’ve lost the touch of keeping up with deadlines. Another thing that I should have accomplished by now was the demo lecture I was supposed to present before ma’am so as to ensure her that I would do a good job as a Math teacher for CPT; but even that will happen today!

I was supposed to meet ma’am on Monday but the cough I acquired during the last weekend got worse Sunday night; so much that my chest almost burns from inside every time I cough. So Monday got cancelled and I requested ma’am if I could come on Tuesday and she agreed. However, Tuesday afternoon I got a text message from her asking me to come the following day. So finally, I hope I’ll be able to go today afternoon and get it over with ‘coz I am getting irritated with the feeling of anxiety and nervousness that I’ve been having the past few days.

I know, it shouldn’t be a big deal and I can do the job very well; but almost everyone I’ve spoken to about this has brilliantly succeeded in convincing me that even though I am a good talker, it’s not the same. Teaching and just talking are very different – like I didn’t know that already!

Although I’m all prepared for today afternoon (have been since Monday morning!!) I’m still a little jittery about the whole thing since I’ll be taking a lecture for ma’am for one thing; the other being I’ve never had an audience of more than ten people around when I’ve done the talking.

Apart from that, the carpenter and painter have been visiting regularly for the past three days since Sunday and the house smells of paint which is getting on my nerves and giving me a headache so severe that the pain of slipping down the staircase of Kamya’s building in December 2008 seemed like a joyride! Headaches are not new to me! I’ve had every kind of headache that anyone can possibly have for the last seven years now and yesterday it was unbearable! They will be here for a few hours today for final touches and hopefully that will be it.

The renovation was 95% complete by December last year, but somewhere in April something went wrong with the pipes on the first floor and our ceiling started leaking and ruined an entire beam! The wall (originally painted in olive green) now had streaks of a yellow substance almost growing from the cracks that were formed in the wall because of water seeping through it. The san mica used on the door frames was starting to open up and that had to be redone as well. So once the painters started scraping the cracks in the wall so that they could level it with POP, this is what it looked like…

And this is what the ceiling looked like…

We realized that something was wrong when I switched on this light (seen in the above picture) and could hear some weird sound as if some insect was trapped inside the dome and was getting electric shocks. Turns out that the dome that can be seen in the picture, was filled with water up to the brim and the sound was that of electricity passing through the water.

Water was trickling down the main switch board seen in the first picture and that’s when we got scared. The owner of the apartment above ours has sublet his place and the new people who had moved in just a couple of days ago had just dumped their stuff in the house, locked it up and gone on a vacation and even the owner didn’t have the key! They were expected back sometime in the first week of May! My mom got so wild!! How were we supposed to rectify the problem if we couldn’t get into the house???

As a solution, the society put a valve on the pipe from outside the building such that it would completely restrict the flow of water into that pipe and therefore into our house; into my room! It took three whole days for the dripping to stop after the valve was attached. It was not just the newly painted walls that were ruined; our sleep was too!

Summer was getting worse and just the fan was not enough. So Nattu and I used to sleep with the AC on and we generally have just the AC or the fan, not both. With just the AC, the room used to be unusually quiet and we could hear the drip-drip noise of water dripping into the bucket strategically placed under the bulb!

When those people returned back from their “vacation,” a plumber was sent to see what was wrong. He diagnosed that the washer had to be replaced! A new washer costs about Rs. 15 or 20; that’s it. And when we asked Natwar bhai (our contractor) how much it would cost to repair the damage (i.e. repaint the walls, etc) he quoted Rs. 4,000.

When my mother asked the owner of the apartment above our to share the cost, he responded saying, “Who asked you to get your renovation done so early??”

Early??? Early??? We've been living in this house for five years and it was after four years that we decided to do something to make it look better after ensuring that the leakages at all the places had been rectified; and this is what we get to hear? Pathetic!!! He will not accept the fact that a mere negligence on his part that cost him only fifteen rupees has cost us about four krand! That ass!!!

Anyway, we couldn’t get the repair done immediately since Nattu’s exams were going on and mine were soon to follow; so we waited till I was done with my exams too before we started the work again. I hope it gets done today; can’t bear the smell of paint any longer!

Ah, yes! About that romance story I was supposed to post; well am just not in the right frame of mind right now to write about romance (with the cough and headaches!!) but will post it soon enough and that’ll be the first story I’ll post apart from general blogging!!

Oops! I almost forgot! I’m looking forward to this awesome trip that’s planned for this weekend with my school gang! :-) Will write about it and post a lot of pictures as soon as I’m back on Monday!

Till then,

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