Thursday, July 2, 2009

Teaching the Master

After postponing for three days, it finally happened today. I called Ma’am in the morning and checked with her and she told me she’d be able to meet me at six in the evening. I was prepared since Monday so didn’t have to go through the entire thing once again. So I spent the afternoon surfing the net and watching the second and third episode of the first season of the OC.

I was there a few minutes before 6 and Ma’am came there around 6.10. I followed her to the small classroom where Binduji came and wiped the board clean for me to write on and Ma’am sat on one of the benches. It was weird at first and I told Ma’am that I am feeling very awkward teaching her and she very sweetly assured me that I had nothing to worry about. “Just think that I know nothing about what you are going to teach and go on,” she told me and that boosted my confidence a little.

I started of by saying, “A ratio is the comparison of two like quantities,” and then I was fumbling for the next line. Thankfully, she understood that I was feeling a little awkward and gave me a minute to get myself together and continue, which I did pretty well. I explained to her what the elements of a ratio are, what kind of units can be compared, how to determine which ratio is higher than the other, how to cross multiply, what is a Least Common Multiple, etc.

She was pretty happy by the end of it and she said I was pretty confident once I started off and also said that I was going a little fast. Since the batch that she was giving me was not comfortable with Math, I needed to go a little slower and make sure everyone understood what I was saying. She also gave me a few pointers on how to handle the class, what points to concentrate on, how to maintain the flow in a lecture, etc. So tomorrow, I’ll be lecturing a batch of about ten students who will give Ma’am a feedback about how I was and if they want things done a little differently.

It was a good experience. There was a phase when I was in school and all I wanted to do was be a teacher and write on the board all day long. I now have something to do; something that I'm sure I am going to enjoy till I figure out what I really want to do with my life if not this! I guess a part of my dream is coming true; so it feels good. Moreover, its math!!! I love the subject! What more could I ask for???

- Azaad!!

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