Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jailed at Home!!!!!

We were all so tired after Nagi Chacha’s 50th birthday party that getting up on Sunday morning was an effort especially when my body was aching so badly (which I later realized was due to all the dancing and head banging that I had done the previous night.)

Rudransh, who was having fever since the day of Raksha Bandhan and chachi; who was also suffering from fever for the last few days were not able to make it to the party. Even Munna chacha was feeling a little feverish by the time he left the party.

So around ten thirty on Sunday morning Munna chacha calls me to tell me that he has typhoid; to use his exact words, he said, “This is Typhoid Mary’s father calling!” which I interpreted as Rudransh being diagnosed with typhoid (silly me!) I was half asleep when I answered his call and he told me that he had started experiencing chills after he reached home the previous night, etc. I asked him to take care (and I also remember telling him that he sounded pretty cheerful for someone who had a hundred and two degrees temperature; when he told me about it and gave his devilish loud laugh over the phone) and went back to sleep.

The next call that came around twelve fifty in the afternoon startled me to such an extent that if it wouldn’t have been for that call, I would’ve slept for a good three more hours at least! It was Beena chachi this time and she told me that Rudransh had tested positive for H1N1!!! I was wide awake the instant I heard the last three words!

‘Oh no!’ was the first thing that came out of my mouth. She told me that they were all heading towards Kasturba Hospital immediately and asked us to be there as soon as possible too. I was told that Nagi chacha and family would also be there. Since all the six cousins had been together on Raksha Bandhan there was a chance that we might have been infected too. So we also ought to get tested.

The other two counterparts of our family immediately started off towards the Hospital in their cars whereas we were wondering what to do next? Our general physician said that the Hospitals were not testing people who did not show symptoms so we need not go whereas the family asked us to be there and get tested! The family later said that since we were in direct contact with the patient there was no need for us to get tested and we would be given medicines directly!

After a lot of phone calls and consultation it was decided that we need not go to the hospital. Someone would get our medicines and we would just have to get it collected from Andheri. We were also told that we weren’t supposed to leave the house for about seven days!!!!! (It was to ensure that we don’t infect someone else in case we ourselves were infected. The virus takes about five to six days after it has entered the body to show symptoms and it had been only four days since we had met him.)

How could that be possible??? What would we do sitting at home the whole time? As it turns out; there’s a lot to do at home too and ensure that you don’t get bored!

I called my Ma’am immediately and told her about the situation and got my lectures cancelled for the entire next week. Amma and Papa went to Andheri to get our medicines from Dadi’s house where chachi had dropped them off and when they returned at around ten thirty that night they had another surprise for us – masks!

We had to wear those green masks; the kind that doctors wear while performing operations on their patients! It was so hard to breathe that I almost felt suffocated. I wore it that night but couldn’t do that longer and decided that since it was going to be only the both of us (my sister and I) in our bedroom and we had both spent the same amount of time with him, we were both in the same boat and didn’t need to wear masks around each other.

So Sunday night passed without any more exciting events and we were all getting ready to see Papa off on Monday afternoon. We found out that Ananya was at Goregaon with Kritika and Karan and the three of them were having a good time together. Rudransh on the other hand was alone in the ward since no one was allowed to go inside and see him and was therefore massively bored.

He had his cell phone with him (which helped us to be in touch with him) so he called me from there and we spoke for sometime. He told me how he was, how the ward was, about people who were with him there, etc. among other things.

The entire Monday morning and afternoon literally flew by with last minute packing for Papa and ensuring that all electronics that had to be replaced were identified and sent with Papa, etc. We didn’t even realize when it was lunch time and suddenly we saw Papa all ready with his two suitcases, taxi outside the building – waiting to take him to the airport. We said our bye byes and that’s when we realized that the House Arrest had actually begun.

Oh! And I forgot to mention, Rudransh made the front page of the Times of India on Monday morning (though we would’ve been happy if it was for a different reason!!)

House Arrest: Day 1
I thought that since I have a lot of time on my hands, why not utilize it effectively to do things that I always wanted to do but was putting off due to lack of time. So I decided that on the first day I would organize my Music Folders (I have half of my songs on the PC while the other half that includes duplicates of those on the PC are in my HDD… so they needed to be sorted out!)

But I was so busy watching the first season of the OC (again!) that I never got to organize the folders. Another thing that I wanted to do was to blog about it but somehow this urge to write has been a little on the lower side for the past few weeks and so I procrastinated yet again.

House Arrest: Day 2
Papa got a lot of DVDs (to add to the already huge collection that I have!) So Nattu and I decided that we would watch two movies each day and pass our time (of course having a 42” LCD and a home theatre system gives it a theatre like feel.) So during lunch we saw ‘Dev D’ (as planned) and saw ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ in the evening. We wanted to see ‘Rock On!’ but decided that we would see it later since Amma would want to see it as well.

‘X-Men’ on the other hand was not something that Amma would be interested in; whereas ‘Dev D’ was something we were sure we didn’t want to see with her. We actually screen all the movies at home before we decide which ones can be viewed by her without raising objections and eyebrows. We are like the censor board of our house :-p

So we had microwave pop corn with Dev D and Maggi Noodles with X-Men (with me sneaking two small bars of Snickers from the huge assortment of chocolates that Papa got during this trip which I’m sure will last till he comes back in October.)

Once Amma came back from office we found out that even she would be at home for a few days. Her boss was a little worried after he found out about my brother and after consulting his doctor suggested that my mom stay at home for a few days too. So for next day’s show there were three people in the audience!!

In the evening (late night actually) I managed to sort through a few of my folders and now I can safely say that my music folder is about ten percent sorted (after putting in three to four hours of work!)

House Arrest: Day 3
When we told Amma that we wanted to see ‘Rock On,’ she said that she didn’t want to see it and asked us to see it when we were alone (like we never thought of that!) So we decided to watch ‘Aamir’ and My God is that a depressing movie!!! I was feeling pathetic as the movie was going on and decided that to refresh we needed to see a comedy movie immediately (I had two more bars of Snickers with the usual pop corn :D)

So next on the list was ‘Short Kut.’ Contrary to what I thought, it was not a masala comedy movie like ‘Masti,’ ‘Apna Sapna Money Money,’ ‘Golmaal,’ etc. I guess Arshad Warsi being in the movie made me presume that it would be so. It was funny no doubt (funny enough for us to recover from ‘Aamir’) but also had drama, action and tragedy (the complete Bollywood formula!)

So day three of the house arrest also passed!

Day 4 is a little crucial as I am expecting my CA Final Results today and it will decide whether my House Arrest will end on Independence Day and I will be able to live up to the name ‘Azaad’ literally or it will continue for a few more months. Whether I’ll be in a mood to watch another movie during the day depends upon how it goes in the morning!

Have a lot of mixed emotions right now. I’m writing about it in a separate post.

And yeah, my brother’s fine now. He’s being doing pretty well since he was admitted to the hospital. He’ll be home tomorrow morning. Thankfully it didn’t get him badly and neither of us has shown any symptoms so far! Phew!

Till then,

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