Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review by Zack Brandit

I've joined this Blogger's community called Blogcatalog and there I saw that quite a few bloggers participated in a discussion and the title of the discussion drew me towards it. It was called...

"Tell Me Your Blog and I will Tell You How It's Perceived By Your Readers"
And I couldn't resist myself and I posted a small note to Zack Brandit (who was reviewing everyone's blog) and requested him to review mine. I aslo asked him if I could post the review on the blog to which he agreed. So here's the complete review (unedited!) posted with full permission!!! And I have to say; he's got the right idea about this one!! :-)

The Review
Hello Azaad,

Thank you so much for joining. We are happy to visit your blog and read your post. Of course, you can publish the review on your blog and publish the zilhouette picture also. We can give you also the Zilhouette widget on your blog. It's up to you. Thank you in advance.

It is quite difficult to see external links in your blog posts. You are very careful with the links you provide. We can also see that you have a creative blog (the way you communicate, pictures, colors.) Bloggers similar to you are known for being capable and crafty communicators; they use their storytelling abilities to convey their message.

Bloggers similar to you do not typically interact much with their audience. They prefer to focus on the future, seeking which information they will provide to their readers. Instead of interacting, you prefer to keep in touch with your followers on other social media networks.

Your posts are connected to your personal experiences. You deliver your information based on your own interpretation. Though you are trying to share your view with others, we think you originally started blogging for yourself as a personal blog.

You are obviously attempting to become as relevant as possible, but in connection to your personal set of values and thinking patterns.

Your readers may perceive your blog like a Protector.

The Protector
Caring, complex and highly intuitive, Protectors live in a world of seeking out hidden meanings and possibilities. They place great importance on having things orderly and systematic within their environment. Patient, devoted and protective, they constantly define and re-define priorities in life in order to give sincere guidance and to create security for others.

Your Protector Zilhouette

We'll be happy to read your feedback.

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  1. Wow! This comment tool is brilliant!!! Can't believe you can do all this!!! :-)