Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I hate to do this to Maggi :(

"Maggi Noodles” has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whenever I was on my own for lunch or dinner, it was me and a double pack of Maggi Masala Noodles. It’s tasty and quick and certainly the most awesome thing available when you’re suddenly hungry and need a quick bite... it only takes 2 Minutes :)

But of late there’s been this advertisement that just doesn’t seem right and an advertisement has done this to me only once before. So what did I do then; I wrote about how ridiculous the Ad was and somehow they stopped airing the Ad a few days later (not that I had anything to do with it… or did I?) And once again I’m resorting to the same means to express my dislike of one of the new Maggi Ads that has been on for a few days; but not before expressing clearly that I love Maggi and over the last so many years, I’ve consumed countless packets but I haven’t fallen sick even once; so we know Maggi is safe!! :)

Maggi has been a part of our lives for 25 years now and to celebrate this, they’ve let their consumers be a part of this by contributing their Maggi stories. This particular Ad that irritated me a little was about this lady who was camping somewhere (don’t remember the name of the place… Will try and listen to that part more intently when the Ad comes on next) where it snowed and they were all hungry when they suddenly spot a store that sold Maggi and the entire group was so enthusiastic about eating it that they used the snow from the streets to cook Maggi!!!!

Now why would someone do that?? Snow from the streets??? Is that even clean? Who knows how long it has been since the snow was accumulated and what’s in it apart from snow flakes? And to add to the absurdity, the lady goes on to say ‘Woh Tasty aur Healthly Maggi humein aaj bhi yaad hai!’ (We remember that Tasty and Healthy Maggi to this day!)

We know Maggi is healthy, no doubt about that. But how does using snow from outside to cook the noodles qualify under Healthy; even remotely??

- Azaad!!


  1. see.. i never knew maggi was healthy!! is it?? i always considered it as junk food!!

  2. Maggi's ok, but it can't compare with the sweet, sodium-infused powdered flavor of cup o' noodles.

  3. In India, we only have Maggi, Top Raman and a few others... I've never had Cup 'O Noodles... My uncle lives in California. Will ask him to get it for me when he comes next!!! And I'm sure it must be just as great... So till I've tasted both, Maggi still rules! :D 

  4. I agree to Nimit. Packed foods like Maggie is never healthy. These are mostly junk foods which I feel one should avoid taking. bty, thanks for dropping by my blog and google following it. I have also done the same. Thanks and Keep in touch :)

  5. how weird. sometimes companies think commercial ideas will be so great and then NO ONE even understands them. I think we could do without commercials all together, you know?


  6. seriously stupid add...........i dont think this story is true anyway....gud work nikki dee...keep it up!!!

  7. The noodles that are avialable in India are machine made and thats why they are 2-3 mm thick. Real noodles are hand made just before boiling...0.5-1 mm thick thats all.....