Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Conversations with a 6 year old!

When I was writing the earlier post, I had asked Amma and Nattu if they remembered any more incidents that happened while Vishnu and Shwetha were here and after a looot of thought they gave up (I was being sarcastic.)

A few days ago as Natasha was imitating Shwetha’s facial expressions and accent, she happened to narrate an incident which she remembered so well, but had forgotten to mention it to me when I had asked. This was followed by my mother recollecting another incident and all I could do was ask them why they hadn’t told me this when I had asked them.

But was I expecting a reasonable explanation; no! It was a rhetoric question which they wouldn’t have bothered to answer even if I asked for one. So that leads me to writing another post with just two incidents which were just as amazing and interesting as the rest of them.

Krishna-Sudama and Tacchi Rice (Curd Rice)
One afternoon Shwetha was narrating a story to us about Krishna and his dear friend Sudama. She said, “Krishna and Sudama were climbing the Hyumaalaya (Himalaya) mountain and they got hungry. So they started having Tacchi Rice.”

Vishnu suddenly interrupted by saying, “Shwetha! This happened in like 3000 BC. How do you know they were having Tacchi Rice?”

And Shwetha answered; as if it was so obvious, “Krishna and Sudama were Tamil no? So they will eat Tacchi Rice!”

I guess she's heard the story in Tamil only and was merely translating it for us in English :-p

Hot food or hot vessel???
My cousins could have been Chinese in their past life; or so their parents believe because of their love for noodles! One night when we had gone out to eat they wanted Hakka noodles and we ended up ordering a little too much. So we decided to pack the leftovers (since quite a lot of it was leftover) and decided that since the kids loved it so much they could have some more of it the next day.

The next day, Shwetha asked for noodles for breakfast. To avoid any spilling while she ate, my mother put some noodles in a bowl (instead of a plate) and heated it in the microwave before she brought it to Shwetha. The minute Shwetha touched the bowl; she reacted with, “Atthai! I asked you to heat the noodles, not the bowl!”

So unless my brilliant sister and mother come up with a few more stories of my wonderfully awesome little cousins, this is it!

- Nikita.

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