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Teacher's Day - IPCC Nov '09

So I have my mug of coffee again (the first one for tonight) and I’m charged up (with the caffeine) and all excited to write about the next event!

Sunday, September 6th, 2009 - IPCC Nov '09 Batch
What Shveta Ma’am had described as “The Best Teacher’s Day Celebration so far’ could retain its status for a few hours short of twenty four hours only. What the IPCC Nov ’09 batch (hereafter called as ‘the students’) did for us was way more than what the earlier batch did. Firstly because the students in this batch were more than twice the number of students in the PCC May ’10 batch and that gave them the edge; ‘Economies of scale’ if it can be described in financial terms. Since the number of students was large, they could get a lot more done and therefore had loads of stuff planned for us. Moreover, the students of the May ’10 batch are also working (doing their bit of slavery called ‘Articleship’ by our Institute and the CA fraternity.) So for them to take out time after office and classes and still be able to plan so much for us was something to applaud!

This batch planned the function the day after Teacher’s Day since it was more convenient for everyone. I had two lectures scheduled that day (one of which I had shifted to eight thirty in the morning as it was coinciding with the timings of the function.)

I finished Fund Flow Analysis in the morning for the PCC May ’10 batch (having taught that for the third time in my short teaching career of less than two months) and had another lecture at three thirty in the afternoon with the IPCC Nov ’09 batch. It was a unique lecture for me since my dear friend Tanuruh (and also the students’ teacher himself) sat in the class as a student (since he had time to kill after his own lecture that he had just finished with the batch at three thirty; fifteen minutes later than he was scheduled to wind up as a result of which I had to start mine fifteen minutes late) and behaved exactly as he used when we were students; by answering in class (this time without being asked) before anyone else even had an opportunity to think and thereby getting on my nerves almost as much as he had in PE-I when we had first met! (Long story for another time…)

Before I started the lecture, I had warned him in class over the microphone so that it was loud enough for everyone who was present there to hear, that if I heard one sound out of him, he’d be out of the class the next instant! But he is not the one who listens, is he? So he did his bit of “Learning” Contract Costing from me in class while the students enjoyed themselves every time I glared at him for speaking out of turn (which wasn’t a lot of times) and distracting the other students. He sat munching something in class while I solved the sums on the board, listened as intently as the other students did when I was explaining an important adjustment and surprisingly was also writing it down! I wonder why???? Sometimes I just don’t get him!!

Anyway, the lecture got over by five and the students started gearing up for the much awaited event! They used the class microphone and played songs on cell phones which could be heard on the classroom speakers! It was going to be a party indeed!!

Gradually the other teachers arrived (Snehal Ma’am brought her son along and he is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen; not forgetting Shveta Ma'am's son, Aadi who was a part of the previous day's function...) and this was the crowd present for the event…

Quite a lot of students were involved in planning the event but it was hosted by Abheesha and Srinivas who were really good (and entertaining.) They started the celebrations by welcoming all the teachers. The microphone was handed to each one of us and we were asked to sing any song that we wanted and we were joined by the entire group of students.

Next, they called us on stage and brought out a wonderful cake that all the teachers cut!

The cake had each of our (teachers’) names written on it and I’m sure it was cut by the time the video camera got to it. So here’s the picture.

Just as the party started, snacks were distributed to teachers and then all the students wanted to know what each one of us was feeling. Here’s what we all said. (Tanuruh and Faizi Ma’am’s bits couldn’t be recorded and quite frankly I don’t remember what either of them said as Pratichee Ma’am and I were deciding whether one plate would be enough for the both of us :-p I’m sure they both must’ve said that they were loving it! If anyone remembers what they said exactly please feel free to comment!)

Even Binduji (who’s in charge of managing the classrooms) and Sheetal (who schedules the lectures and handles other Admin work) got to be a part of the “How are you feeling right now” round!

Then again not unlike the earlier batch, they started asking us questions (multiple questions) this time complied by asking students to anonymously write questions on chits and give it to the organizers. The entire event is on video which I am attaching so I don’t have to go through the trouble of writing it all down. To describe it in short, Shveta Ma’am was asked to tell one of the weirdest questions asked by Tanuruh in class and when she couldn’t remember she told everyone the kind of image she has of Tanuruh as a student. At this, the students asked what she thought of me. It’s better if you watch the video to know the exact response they got out of her.

A few other questions followed like what would each one of us be if we weren’t CAs (since Faizi Ma’am is not from a Finance background, she was asked if she would choose to be a CA if she wasn’t doing what she’s doing now!) Watch the video….

There was more talking, laughing and discussion about things like how everyone was FIDA over Snehal Ma’am’s smile; everyone wanted to know how it was possible for Shveta Ma’am to know that a student had a doubt just by looking at their face; they asked my opinion as a teacher about Tanuruh as a student; the students were asked which teacher gave maximum breaks in class (and who was the most stingy when it came to giving breaks,) Reena Ma’am had to mimic a teacher and she (once again) mimicked Shveta Ma’am; they asked Pratichee Ma’am what the secret to her infectious laughter was, a poll was taken to decide on which actress Snehal Ma’am resembled, etc. You know what was asked. To know what we said, watch the video! ;-)

So after the looong question answer session came the games round. The first game was Spin the Yarn and since I had so proudly stated that if not a CA, I’d be a writer since I wrote stories, I was asked to be the first one and the words I got were: garbage, socks, rickshaw, girlfriend andcomb; in that order! And though I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make I funny story I did manage to earn a few laughs.

“There was a guy who was obsessed with garbage* and one day while he was cleaning garbage he found a pair of red socks. He loved the socks to much that he decided to find out where it came from. There was an auto rickshaw standing nearby which he decided to take and he found out that the driver was a lady who also happened to be his girlfriend. But he saw that due to the air blowing while driving, her hair had become a mess. So he offered her a comb (also picked up from the garbage) to make her hair alright!”

*The character’s obsession with garbage was because of my friends Madhu and Amit. While on our way back from the Trek to Kalsubai we had played a game where one person would say a part of a story and the others would continue it by adding a few lines each. It had started as the story of a pirate, but having Amit and Madhu to write the script and Jyothi to bring twists that were such that even today’s soaps can’t think of (however tiny their respective contributions to the story;) resulted in the creation of such a mess that we ended up having a Turtle-boy superhero ‘Rocky’ whose superpower was cleaning garbage!!! Here's the link to the specific post though I haven’t mentioned much of this story in the post as it inspired me to write a short story which I will be posting soon! :-p

I’m unable to recollect what the words given to the other teachers were, but most of us were good with what we did and Pratichee Ma’am won with majority of the votes in her favor.
Next there were games where the teachers were paired together and given tasks which lasted thirty seconds each. I took the liberty of calling the game ‘Thirty Seconds of Embarrassment.’ First to go were Pratichee Ma’am and Tanuruh. They were both given one packet of bindis each and whoever could stick maximum number of bindis on their face (overlapping bindis would be counted as one only) would win. So within thirty seconds Tanuruh was able to stick five of them on his face whereas Pratichee Ma’am won with an amazing fourteen bindis to her credit!

Shveta Ma’am and I were up next and we were given a tie each and whoever would be able to tie it around their necks the maximum number of times would win. Having worn a tie in school had finally helped me someway but Shveta Ma’am said she didn’t know how to do it. So I asked the students if I could have another partner and if one of them was up for the challenge! So one of the girls came up on stage but even she didn’t know how to do the tie. So we were kind of in a fix and I gladly asked if that meant I had won the round without even playing it :-p But they weren’t going to let me win so easily so they insisted that I have a partner.

While they were discussing who to bring on stage, I interjected and stated that it wasn’t fair that they asked a guy to do a girl’s task and a girl to perform a guy’s task! So I asked them to get a guy on stage and asked Tanuruh if he was up for it. The entire classroom started cheering and hooting. “Sir, Ma’am aapko open challenge de rahi hai!” they said. (Translation: Sir, Ma’am is openly challenging you!)

He accepted the challenge and came up on stage and struggled while practicing how to do the tie. Once he was ready and the timer was set, we both started and ahem… I won! He tied three knots (only two successfully :-p) and I, I did FIVE in thirty seconds! Yay! :D

Next up were Snehal Ma’am and Faizi Ma’am. For them, the classroom board was divided into two and they were asked to write “I love you” repeatedly and the person who wrote it the most number of times within thirty seconds would win (short forms were not allowed. All the words had to be spelt fully) and this Snehal Ma’am won.

For Reena Ma’am and Shveta Ma’am, they were each given a bottle of water and whoever would drink the most water in thirty seconds would win. We knew who was going to win before the two of them even started drinking. Shveta Ma’am drank up almost 80% of the 300ml bottle where as Reena Ma’am was so amazed at the speed at which Shveta Ma’am was going that she could finish only half the bottle.

The winners of all the individual games and tasks won a combo of a big Perk and a Dairy milk bar! :-) :-)
After this, we had the Antakshari round where Tanuruh and I were appointed as team leaders. I had Shveta Ma’am, Reena Ma’am, Faizi Ma’am and majority of the boys on my team whereas the other team had Pratichee Ma’am, Snehal Ma’am, most of the girls and Tanuruh.

Their team was called “Chak De” and we called ourselves as “The Achievers’” When we were accused of not being original with the name of the team, we retorted saying that we had the copyright to the name Achiever’s since Shveta Ma’am was on our team! :-p

The Antakshari was amazing! Each and every one of the teachers was up on the stage and we performed a little something by doing a few dance steps which caused the entire class to roar and applaud.
There was some more mimicry where another student imitated Tanuruh and just as amazingly as the girl from the previous batch had! Tanuruh in turn also did a small bit where he imitated Shveta Ma’am and it was hilarious!

Then came the part where they gave us presents, beautiful and thoughtful ones. Here’s what I got along with a lovely rose…(To the top left of the frame I added in my own hand that it was gifted to me by the IPCC Nov '09 batch!)

The students also presented us with an Award for best classes where there were only three nominees…
1) Achiever’s Academy
2) Achiever’s Academy
3) Achiever’s Academy…. Hip Hip Hurray!!!

It looked almost like one of the trophies that actors get. There was a small glass globe atop a four legged metallic stand that stood on a small wooden cube!

Then came the sad part, where each any every one of the teachers said something to the entire batch of students as we bid them farewell (as their syllabus was almost over and they’re due to appear for their exams this year in November) and wished them luck. Some of the teachers had taught them right from CPT and had actually watch them turn into what they are today and were overwhelmed with the kind of improvement and growth they had seen in the entire batch!

So the party had officially ended and then began the photo sessions. People were huddled in groups in every corner of the class, they were up on the benches, crowded on the stage to click pictures with us teachers and for the first time in my life I felt like we were celebrities surrounded by the paparazzi and I loved it! Here's the only picture I have!!!

For me, this batch was the first ever in my teaching career and I will always remember them fondly! And for them to think, plan and execute the entire program so well along with their hectic schedule (they’ve been attending lectures daily for eight hours at least even on weekends) and the tension of upcoming exams was something we all were proud of!

Here’s wishing all of you luck and as we all said earlier, “See you in CA Final!” :-)

- Nikita.

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