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Teacher's Day - PCC May '10

CAUTION: This is going to be a long post divided into two parts (interesting nonetheless.) So brace yourself to read a lot, or else come back when you are in the mood to do so. Thank you!

For all these years, I've been a part of planning and organizing stuff for our teachers, being a part of the dance performances we used to have on Teachers' Day at school, contributing to buy something pretty for our class teacher, decorating the classroom board with "HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY" written in a combination of all colors of chalks available and making decorative flowers and designs all over the board! But for the first time in life (again one of the many firsts this year) I was on the other side where students did this for us!

So far in my teaching career with my own CA Classes, I've taught two batches and both the batches celebrated Teachers' Day with us individually! So we had two parties! Yay! ;-)

Okay, so I have my mug (yes, it’s not a cup but a huge mug) of hot coffee with me (the second one for the night) and I’m good to go.

Saturday, September 5th, 2009 - PCC May '10 Batch
On the day of Teacher’s day, the PCC (Professional Competence Course now changed to IPCC – Integrated PCC) May ’10 batch (hereafter called as the students, until the story of the next batch’s celebrations comes along…) had organized a function for us and they very sweetly called each and every one of the teachers and formally invited them (though the invitation I got was an informal one!)

For me, it so happened that the day before, immediately after I had just finished my lecture, the students were discussing the next day’s plans with one of my friends Tanuruh (who also teaches them) and one of the girls (Riddhi) made a pretend phone call to me as we were standing right next to each other and invited me for the function! :-)

Here's a picture of the batch...

I reached the classroom with two bouquets for two of my teachers who are a part of the faculty and have taught me when I was attending classes (very thoughtful of me, I know… Ahem ahem… its time I stopped bragging and actually tell you guys what happened next.) So the students had framed questions for each one of the teachers (on the pretext of taking revenge for the numerous questions we asked them in class on a daily basis) and we had to answer them however uncomfortable the questions may have been. I'm not going to describe the degree of discomfort and awkwardness that caused us (me to be more precise) and leave it at 'It was uncomfortable!'

So we got through that and they then asked us, what the thing that we loved about teaching was. All the other teachers gave answers that were deep and so wonderful that showed how passionately they were doing this. They mentioned the satisfaction they got when they saw the expression on a student’s face that showed he had learned something, the joy they experienced when they saw that they were responsible for shaping someone’s bright future, that each day they learnt something in the class as much as the students did.

I on the other hand, having been a teacher for just a few days short of two months, didn’t have any pearls of wisdom to share (I’ll hopefully be able to say something nice next year) said (clearly stating at the onset of my statement that it wasn’t a deep rooted thought but a funny thing if they were fine with some humor) “I love talking and for once I have a crowd that actually is interested in listening to what I have to say; some of you at least (at which some of the boys at the back said that they wanted my phone number! :-p) where I’m not being questioned as to why I keep talking incessantly without taking a break. That combined with the fact that I love writing on the board with chalk, is why I chose to be a teacher and love the profession!” Thankfully the comment was well received by the students and the teachers! :-)

So this round got over and the next round was a bigger shocker! Here we thought that we were going to be entertained, but we ended up entertaining the students (like we didn’t do that in the class everyday! Okay, we don’t entertain them per se, but hey, we’re up on the stage and open to criticism; an option, which I’m sure most of the students have the liberty to exercise and they do; however discreetly) Turns out that they had tasks lined up for us which we again had to perform! The tasks were written on tiny pieces of paper which we had to pick from a bowl.

So as fate had it, Tanuruh had to dance (which he did with an enthusiasm that surprised me to an extent I can’t begin to describe– he danced to the tunes of ‘Oh Haseena Zulfon Waali’ which he sang himself and the rest of the class joined in,) Shveta Ma’am had to sing (which she also did in her own coy way – a song that is so old that I hadn’t heard till she sang it and unfortunately don’t remember what it is called,) Faizi Ma’am had to sing Kawaali (and she agreed that those were the kind of songs that suited her voice and gladly sang ‘Parda Hai Parda’ from the movie ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ with Tanuruh as background vocalist,) Reena Ma’am was asked to mimic someone (and she mimicked Shveta Ma’am like every single student of hers does when asked to do mimicry ; and the best part, Shveta Ma’am seemed to enjoy it thoroughly!) Snehal Ma’am had to say a joke but she chose to dance instead (again Tanuruh was there to accompany her before anyone asked him to and they danced to the tunes of ‘Time After Time’ by Cyndie Lauper played on my cell phone,) and I (Thank God for this!) had to share a memorable moment with the class and here I described one of the incidents from my school days where we (our gang) had all the teachers up on stage in standard 10 after the dress rehearsals for the Annual Day and we had had a party of our own which the teachers still fondly remember to this day! Phew… They let me off easy!

From the left: Shveta Ma'am, Yours truly, Snehal Ma'am, Reena Ma'am, Faizi Ma'am and Tanuruh.

After this, snacks and drinks were distributed while some of the students voluntarily came up on the stage, said a few nice words or performed something whereas certain others had to be dragged and forced to perform something on the stage for us and again Tanuruh took charge and randomly picked students who were assigned tasks by him (the tables turned, finally!) One of the students so wonderfully mimicked Tanuruh that, I couldn’t help but laugh so hard at the way she had perfectly noticed and imitated each one of his moves, gestures, expressions and dialogues that my belly ached!

This was followed by Archana (a student, who had been hosting the event beautifully the entire evening) saying something on behalf of her entire batch to each one of the teachers - how they loved things about us, what made them enjoy our lectures and what they like the most about us! They had also been thoughtful enough to get a little something for each one of us. This was what I got and Ganesha now resides on my study table! Thank you guys!

So all in all it was, as Shveta Ma’am described, the best Teacher’s Day celebration that she had had – until the celebrations of the next day happened (in another post.)

- Nikita.

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