Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is it?

Not unlike earlier, I got this urge to suddenly put my thoughts into words and something turned out. At almost seven in the morning today, just as I was about to go to sleep, these words just started flowing in my head and if it were not for the fear of forgetting these lines, I would've closed my eyes and dreamt away!

And when I was wonderfully tucked in, was I in the mood to switch the computer on and start typing??? No!! But having technology around you and knowing how to use it has its own benefits. So I started typing this whole thing out on the "Notes" function of my phone; sliding my panel back down and locking the phone every time I thought it was all I could think of at the moment; only to slide it back up once more a few seconds later to gain access to the keypad so that I could type away (Believe me, typing on the phone is not as much fun as typing on the computer keyboard is!)

So about an hour later, this is what I had and wondered if I would have to type it all again on the computer once I woke up. I love typing, but straining my eyes and reading from a phone screen to type, did not give me the same kind of high! :-p

Technology came to my rescue again! I copied the entire text and pasted it as the body of a new email message on my gmail (connected using GPRS on the phone!) and Voila! I had the entire text on the computer ready to be edited and fine tuned! So here goes...

You know it is love...
  1. When things about them that annoy others seem the cutest to you without even having to force yourself to feel that.
  2. When even when you’re angry at them, a smile on their face melts your heart.
  3. When you know you can't stay angry at them for long.
  4. When even a silly forwarded text message tells you what they're thinking.
  5. When you think of them in every emotion you feel.
  6. When suddenly their happiness seems much more important and relevant than you own.
  7. When sacrifice doesn't seem like a big deal, AT ALL!
  8. When you don't give a damn about the rest of the world.
  9. When waiting for hours seems worth it for a fifteen minute conversation.
  10. When you know knew they don't didn't feel even half of what you do did, but it doesn't didn't change how you feel felt.
  11. When you say it’s the last time you'll be able to forgive them, but end up forgiving them yet again.
  12. When you're ready to forget the bad memories and move on, content with the happier ones.
  13. When everything about them feels perfect and even flaws seem adorable.
  14. When it hurts to not to be able to hear their voice or see them in person.
  15. When you're willing to wait as long as it takes if it means you'll end up together.
  16. When you worry more about what's troubling them even if you have troubles of your own, more than you can handle.
  17. When you're willing to be just friends only to have them as a part of your life.
  18. When arguments don't seem worth the trouble; when giving them more gives you such happiness.
  19. When you've been trying to fight these feelings for over a decade and they still won't diminish but come back with twice as much force.
  20. When no one else compares to even half as great as you think they are.
  21. When you willingly accept them as they are and adore them for it and not in spite of it.
  22. When things they're crazy about suddenly begin to interest you; even if you would've never given them a second thought otherwise.
  23. When you know what they're thinking, what they want; without them even having to mention it.
  24. When you're there for them even when they don't need you.
  25. When you fill in the gaps created by their weaknesses just to make them whole.
  26. When you know you don't have to but still want to.
  27. When their achievements make you feel proud.
  28. When you want them to be better than you.
  29. When taking care of them and their needs makes you feel happy and content.
  30. When you feel blessed to have them as a part of your life.
  31. When you feel the connection even if you're miles apart.
  32. When you can sense it all by a simple "Hello!" when they answer the phone.
  33. When you'd rather stay away than stay apart.
  34. When you'd rather type this out when you've been awake for 20 hours and have only another four hours until you have to wake up!!
  35. And knowing that if nothing else, your memories of them will last a lifetime.
    …or is it???

    - Nikita.

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      1. I agree with most of 'em...except some which I thought were very 'giving-y'...but thats u!