Thursday, October 1, 2009

We'll be right back

Over the last one week, there has been an unusual activity on the blog; an increase in the number of people who are reading; from one person in January when I started the blog (which remained so till February or March) to more than thirty today!!! And surprisingly I have not directly interacted with any of them; until just yet.

On this note, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all the new readers and say that I am happy and excited to know that you are the least bit interested in reading what I write!

Unfortunately, October has officially started – which means lesser blogging (and other recreational activities) and more of studying for my exams in November. I might manage one or two posts in between to lay the stress off, but I’m not sure if I’ll be sane enough to do so while I’m caught up in the middle of twenty or so books with more than two thousand pages (in all) to read and re-read once before the exam. The exam itself is going to take place over a period of fifteen days beginning on the 5th of November. It’s plain torture I know, but I’ve chosen this for me and I will get through just fine! :)

So till the time I’m back you can catch up on the previous posts and know what’s happened so far and pray for me. I’ve recently read that thoughts in the right direction are capable of reactions in the universe, as the human mind possesses powers that we’re still unaware of!

I’m guessing you’ll need a little help in deciding where to start and what to read!

Posts with maximum comments...
A poem that’s close to my heart
Holi Party at my office
My story (This is just the first part, there’s part 2, part 3 and the Epilogue)
Our trek to Kalsubai (also check out the details of the second day of the trip)

Other posts I recommend...
My visit to a pub in Ghana when I was eleven
A funny chat conversation with a friend
Conversations and more with my 6 year old cousin
A review of my blog by Zack Brandit
Teacher’s day celebrations with the PCC May ’10 and IPCC Nov ’09 batches
My take on Love
Two other poems; one frustrating and the other; Random!

That should keep you busy till I’m back. And if you’re done reading the ones mentioned above, I recommend you read the rest of the blog too!!! ;)

Also, there are a lot of excellent blogs on my reading list (on the sidebar to the right!) Check them out! We’ll be right back! ;)

- Nikita.


  1. Went through some of your posts. I liked the short story and the poem. Keep writing, friend. I'm waiting for more from you.

    Ekan (

  2. Thanks a lot for the prompt response and the wonderful comments. Its as if you read the post as soon as I published it on the blog!!! ;)

    There's lots more to come but my exams are sort of tying me down. I've read a few of your blog posts. Will read them all peacefully once my exams are done. I hope the pox is all better now!!! :)

    Take care and get well soon!

  3. <span style=""><span style="font-family: monospace; white-space: pre-wrap;">Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. and responding to your query - I had noting special. But the very normal home food - Iddlie and hot chuttney tasted like some exotic dish after so many days of bland food!</span> </span>

    And I've put the story I've been bragging about in my blog. Please follow the link if you'd please -

    Ekan ( (or)

  4. <span style="font-family: monospace; white-space: pre-wrap;">Hi Azad, my friend. Ekan here. I've got something for you in my latest post. Please pay a visit and here's the link for your convenience -</span>

  5. <span style="color: #808080;">Good luck with your exams! (:</span>

  6. Thank you so much for your wishes. The exams were good... Sorry for replying late.. My exams just got over a few days back! :)