Friday, December 18, 2009

Another First

2009 has had a lot of surprises for me (all of which I will summarize in a separate post at the end of the year, or the beginning of 2010, whenever I find time) and I’m gonna call it ‘The year of Firsts’. Yes… a lot of things have happened to me for the first time this year and I’m going to make a quick post out of this one, because my hand is killing me.

I have not mentioned this earlier, but in September this year, I made my first big purchase!!! I bought myself a bike!! Yay! So yes, I learnt how to efficiently ride it without hitting anything or anyone and within three days of its delivery, I was able to drive confidently on the road with traffic et all. I have been driving everyday since then (I’m not going to use the word riding here… I somehow don’t relate to that word. So even though a bike is ridden, I’m still going to drive it!). In the beginning it was just so that I could practice but later on I actually started using it for travel.

So today afternoon, I had a lecture at 12.45 and it was almost 12.30 by the time I was out of the house. It generally takes only fifteen minutes for me to reach class because lets face it; for all the “I love Andheri” that I do, when it comes to traveling, Navi Mumbai is the best place with little or no traffic even during peak hours.

As I was cruising along the lanes in Nerul, one idiot biker on the other side of the road (to my right) was driving toward me and wanted to take a right (his right and to my left) and didn’t bother to give an indication to that effect. I don’t know if he expected me to guess that he was going to turn and therefore slow down, but he; in spite of seeing that I was on my way, didn’t bother to slow down before taking a turn.

Even though I realized what he was about to do and I slowed down, it was a little late and we collided. My bike skidded and came to halt about fifteen feet away from where we crashed into each other, and thankfully I ended up with only a giant bruise on my right elbow and a little bump on my knee (thanks to my jeans!)

I yelled at him in the middle of the road of course, for not indicating where he was headed. The man, who must’ve been in his early to mid thirties had also fallen down and when he got up on his feet he was whining a little that it hurt, holding his knees and trying to blame me (he probably thought that a girl wouldn’t snap back); and I on the other hand had immediately recovered and started yelling at him because it WAS HIS fault… everyone on the road agreed to that.

Some rickshaw wallas picked my fallen bike up and brought it to a side and asked me if I was hurt and I checked to see if I was hurt somewhere else. I wasn’t; but the bike had a dent on the right side which is not very evident though. I thanked them and started to drive away. After I covered a few meters and managed to get away from the spot where it happened, I called up the office and informed them that I will be about fifteen minutes late for my lecture since I had had a minor accident. I then called Sandeep and told him what had happened and assured him that I hadn’t broken anything, and that gave him some relief I guess.

I wanted to reach class as soon as possible because it was already 12.45 by then and once I reached Vashi, I called Natasha to tell her what had happened, asked her not to worry and sugar coat it before she passed the info on to our mother to avoid freaking her out.

The lecture went of well for the first 2 hours, because the wound was still wet. A little bit of blood was oozing from the tiny cracks in the skin. Someone had arranged for cotton, savlon and an antiseptic cream. So during the break, I got some help from one of the class assistants to get my wound cleaned and applied the antiseptic cream and then the wound started to hurt. It was drying up now, so moving my right hand was starting to become a bit of a trouble and writing on the board actually hurt. So I finished my second session about thirty minutes early and got my evening session cancelled and came home to relax.

I went to the doc a few hours ago and he gave me a shot for tetanus. I thought taking it on the same hand as the bruise would be a good idea since my hand was hurting anyway. I didn’t want to experience pain in both my hands; and because of this decision, my right hand is now killing me. I have also been given some pills and an ointment.

Aaaahhh! My hand still hurts. It’s amazing that I’ve managed to type so much out. I’m now going to stop here and will update in a few days. Oye!!! I just realized. I have to take the medicines. So I’m going to scram (not literally… don’t want to injure another limb) and get back to ya’ll later..

- Azaad!!


  1. Hey Nikita...

    Feeling very bad about ur injury...take care and Get well soon :)

  2. Aw.. no fun! :( I hope you feel better and I'm glad it wasn't worse!

  3. I am all fine now.. The bruise has healed and my hand has never been better!! Thank you both! :)