Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Sky is Falling!

After a long and tiring day at the office about two years ago, it was natural for me to fall dead asleep as soon as I was done with dinner. Those days, I had absolutely no track of time. It was as if all I did was, wake up to go to office, stare into the laptop screen for about ten hours and work my fingers through the MS Excel shortcuts, format workpapers, and take a long journey back home almost fifteen hours later only to have dinner and slump onto the lower bunk in my room. I don’t remember watching any movies, hanging out with friends; but since it was a long way to Andheri (where most of my client offices were located… Imagine, having to travel almost two hours each way to reach there when almost five years ago I lived just about fifteen minutes away!) the only way I had any social life was through my phone and I made the best of the traveling time by getting a lot of reading done.

I guess I’ve painted a pretty good picture of how tired I used to be after traveling for almost fours hours each day and spending another eight to ten hours at office “working!” :-p

So that night close to midnight, after dinner I just crashed and was fast asleep on the lower bunk.

Just a picture of the bunk… It was taken about three years ago...

It may have been around three in the morning when suddenly someone switched the lights on in the room and I strained to open my eyes only to see Natasha standing next to the bed and yelling, “Nikita!! Are you okay???” and I was wondering what the hell was going on!! Why was she screaming in the middle of the night???

She immediately ran to my mother’s room still screaming, “Amma!! The bunk fell on Nikita!” and my mom rushed into our room to see if I was okay! Believe me, all this screaming was over nothing!!

Somewhere in the middle of the night, the wooden planks supporting the mattress on the upper bunk loosened and cracked because of which Natasha, who was sleeping on the upper bunk also fell on me. So it was the wooden planks, the mattress, Natasha and her pillows and blanket that fell on me that night and if it wasn’t for Natasha screaming in the night, I wouldn’t have even noticed.

I was sleeping on my stomach (fortunately) and somehow, didn’t even feel it when everything that was possibly on the upper bunk fell! It could be because I was very very tired and sleepy (I used to sleep only six hours each night.) And miraculously, I was unhurt. I thought that even though I couldn’t feel the pain right at that moment, I would experience some kind of body pain in the morning. But nope! I was actually unhurt!

Nobody believes this, but you can ask Natasha. She was astonished that I didn’t wake up on my own but only when she started screaming. My mother was relieved that neither Natasha nor I was hurt. Phew! But! Our bunk was ruined!!!

Thankfully, the lower bunk could be pulled out and it turned into a 6x6 double bed. So we didn’t have to buy a new bed immediately. We decided that we didn’t want to get it repaired since we both were almost twenty and we had bought the bunk when we moved here just so that we could experience sleeping on bunk beds! We were planning on renovating. So we decided that we would buy new beds for both of us.

We then called a carpenter to cut the upper bunk and detach it from the bed and put it in the hall as a low seating area!!! The lower bed is at my grandparents’ place and this is how we use the upper half now!!

As an after thought we all wondered that I probably didn’t get hurt because Natasha is very light. What if I had been sleeping on the upper bunk??? ;)

- Azaad!!

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