Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alll izzz Well!

Okay compared to the book reading score, this was a little delayed, but my first theatre experience of 2010 happened within 10 days (and I saw Sherlock Holmes 2 days later.) I saw 3 Idiots on Sunday and absolutely loved the movie.

Aamir Khan doesn’t look a day older than 25 (although he is above 40), Sharman Joshi’s performance has induced laughter as always and Madhavan, even with a completely different personality has succeeded in complimenting the other two excellently.

Although the movie is said to be an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Five Point Someone’ which talks about three guys and their life at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), how they struggled with their grades, their love troubles, and more importantly GPAs (Grade Point Averages), mugging, assignments and weed; the movie only has tid-bits of the books entwined into its story (steering clear of the weed of course,) which on a broader level delivers a message to the audience (which I’m sure was not the point of the book).

Aamir, Sharman and Madhavan (Rancho, Raju and Farhan respectively) are engineering students at ICE (Imperial College of Engineering) Delhi and have Viru Sahasrabuddhe (fondly called ‘Virus’) the disciplinarian Dean; played by Boman Irani who is famous for his Velcro shirts, hook ties and seven and a half minute power naps which are utilized for getting the unproductive work (like shaving, etc.) done. In a college led by a dean whose methods of teaching and approach to education are as old as him, Rancho strives to bring about a change.

He (Rancho) is of the opinion (and I completely agree) that in the rat race to be ahead in this competitive world, we have all forgotten the true meaning of education. We emphasize on attaining marks and only that is taught which will help you get the required marks to pass an exam and thus get a job in a reputed company. In the process we forget the value of learning just for the heck of it. Whatever happened to learning to quench your thirst for knowledge, to satisfy your curiosity?? When asked ‘What is a machine?’ he demonstrates this in the classroom by explaining to his professor in very simple words whereas the professor would not accept his answer just because he did not use the exact words used in the definition, although they summed up to mean the same.

Apart from bringing out the flaw in the focus of our educational system, there’s one message in the movie that I will remember for the rest of my life, and THAT plainly is the reason why those two hundred rupees and three hours spent in the theater were more than worth it! “All is well” pronounced “Alll izzz Well” in the movie are the three golden words that give you the solution to every problem. Well, not the solution per se, but as Rancho puts it – whenever you’re in trouble, place your hand on your heart and say “Aalll izz Well”. That way we fool our heart into believing that everything’s alright. And even though that doesn’t give us the solution to the problem, it makes us stronger to face whatever it is.

More than anything, the movie has forced the audience to THINK. What are we doing with our lives??? Are we just doing whatever we’re doing for the sake of money, or to fulfill our parents’ dreams? But what about our dreams, our passion?? And yes, it got me thinking (more) too.

I had realized somewhere around the beginning of last year that I would want to pursue something where my interest lay, of course after completing what I had already taken on hand. After watching the movie, I was convinced that my decision to choose a different career path after getting my degree is perfectly correct and that raised my spirits.

Also the movie strengthened my belief that worrying unnecessarily gets you nowhere. If anything, it gets further you away from what you want to achieve.

Oops! I almost forgot Kareena, who plays Piya (can’t blame me for the not-so-significant role that she had) – the dean’s daughter who first hates Rancho’s guts and then falls for him (typical Hindi movie romance) and ultimately conspires with Rancho against her father to help Raju. And how can we forget, Chatur Ramalingam (aka Silencer because he silently farts all over the place because of the digestive pills he takes) and his famous speech on Teacher’s Day.

It’s got some great comedy, awesome dialogues and the timing of the three idiots is so amazing that you will roll with laughter and come out of the theatre enlightened. So stop worrying, take a chill pill, go watch the movie and then get back to work with a trouble free mind. And if nothing else works, put your hand on your heart and say ‘Alll izzz Well’ :P


  1. Iz all well ?? I don't think so.
    3 idiots is a great bollywood entertainer - i.e. at the cost of conveying a fundamentally incorrect message and displaying a warped view of the world that is - it manages to entertain it's target audience.

    The movie voices what it's target audience wants to hear, and it voices the same without any concern about whether the same is correct or not. I've discussed a couple of points which struck me as being plain wrong in the movie in my blog post

  2. Hey Azaad....Don't you have something to say to Anubhav!!!! he has slapped right into your face for your views expressed in here, And he has rightfully justified the Slap in his blog. I indeed looked into his blog, and wondered why there was no any comment from your side...
    I notice that the moment you are faced with someone more intellectual than you, you withdraw yourself and dis-engage altogether from the topic/discussion. Either you get humbled and vanish into thin air or You explode. Former happens when you face a sophisticated adversary [like Anubhav] and latter happens when you face people like me....Think about it...

  3. @Bluesky: Huh!! You may have used another name but your thoughts and comments are still the same.. Old style! When are you going to realize that two people can have different opinions?? Is it necessary that everyone should agree??? And when someone has an opinion different than ours, who says it is necessary to retort??

    Anubhav being an engineering student himself has a different perspective whereas what I have discussed here is totally different. A movie is after all for entertainment. Everything about a movie need not and should not be taken seriously. There were somethings positive about the movie that I liked and I chose to live with them and implement them! And if you have a problem with THAT, hard luck! There's nothing you can do about it!!

    Although I wouldn't term anyone as an adversary, the guy does have a point and he has put it across really well. Small people might consider it as a slap on their face. I just consider it as a difference in opinion and perception. But I guess, you being stuck up in your own ways are beyond understanding THAT!

  4. Let me get this straight... Anubhav leaves a comment on your blog disagreeing with you. This guy/girl, Anubhav, revisits your blog every single day for 6 full weeks, just waiting for you to argue with him/her. When you don't argue, he/she gets frustrated and actually goes to the hassle of creating a new blogger account under the name "blue sky" just so he/she can agree with him/herself?

    Wow. That guy/girl really needs a girlfriend/boyfriend who puts out/cooks dinner occasionally.


  5. @MBP: Anubav and Blue Sky are not the same person.. at least I hope not. Blue sky used to comment earlier under some other name and that's what I was talking about. But you are right about one thing... Someone has gone through a lot of hassle to create a new blogger account just to prove his point!