Friday, January 29, 2010

The Angel and The Demon

Last weekend, I was on my way to Andheri (as usual) and these days my route has changed. Instead of taking a train to Wadala and then changing trains for Andheri, I take a detour to Mulund, to meet my beau so that we can spend sometime together while traveling from Mulund to Andheri to meet our friends.

There is always some timing mismatch between when Sandeep gets free and when I actually reach there, so this time, since he got off work much before I could reach there, he decided to meet me at Thane station and we took an auto from there to Mulund check naka (as opposed to meeting him at the bus depot directly).

We were talking about general stuff in the auto when we realized that the auto wala was in the mood to play Fast and Furious and apart from discussing the repercussions of the way he was driving; there was nothing more the both of us could do about it. At one point we feared that it might be our last day on earth and we should be prepared to say our goodbyes to everyone.

I immediately thought of calling my dad. When he asked me why I wasn’t planning on calling anyone else, I told him that I had met my mom in the morning and I was with my sister just a while ago. Even Jyothi was at my place until a few hours ago and he was right there next to me. And anyone else was not as important. So I would want to call only my dad and say bye bye since I hadn’t spoken to him in a long time.

If it weren’t for the wheels of the auto that kept it grounded to the road, the driver would have ensured that we flew all the way from Thane station to Mulund check naka; he was driving so fast literally racing with the bikes and expensive cars on the road (not to mention the gigantic BEST, NMMT buses who seem to think of the entire road as their own). While living through that scenario, it was natural to envision a “what if sort of situation. Of course, this time the thought came from Sandeep.

“What if we died here? Like this?” he said.

I looked at him a little puzzled and said, “So what?? At least we’ll die together. Then the other one doesn’t have to feel bad all alone. Although if I die first, you’d be a little relieved and say, Thank God! Now I don’t have to put up with continuous chatter everyday and fulfill her ridiculous demands! I can live in peace!!” (Okay! I exaggerated that a bit… a lot actually… But I said something that was really close!)

He gave me a look that said ‘okay-that-was-too-much’ and I shut up.

“But really, wouldn’t it be better if we died together. Then at least we can meet each other without worrying about office, classes, and studies. It would be so much simpler,” I said cutting the crap out. (Really? Was I? :P)

“I don’t think it’ll be that easy to meet,” he said as I gave him a confused look.


“Yeah. Because I will be going to hell,” he explained.

“Sandeep, what have you done to deserve hell???” I asked even more puzzled now.

“Ghadhi! (Donkey!) It’s not that. It’s because I listen to Death Metal that makes me a Satan worshipper and that’s why I’ll go to hell. And you’ll be up there, so how will we meet??”

And believe it or not, I actually began thinking about it as the driver continued to risk our lives as much as his own while trying to overtake everything on the road that moved faster than a tortoise.

“You know, we could make some arrangement and meet once a month for an entire weekend,” I said after much thought.

“What??? Is that even possible??”

“Of course! Why not?? Why can’t we meet once a month? How is that going to disturb any schedule? And what are you going to be so busy doing in Hell that you can’t spare a weekend a month for me??” Too many questions I know. I continued, “It’s not as if I have to come… down there, or you have to come up. We’ll meet somewhere in the middle to avoid wastage of time, say here… on Earth!” I concluded as if we were making plans for just another weekend and deciding on whether he should travel all the way till Vashi or should we meet somewhere in the middle; like Andheri.

“And if we meet here, we can meet the others too,” I added cheerfully thinking it’ll be a party with everyone else in too!

“When I come back, I don’t want to come back as normal. I’ll be coming back from hell after all. I want to feel like the devil and do some devilish stuff you know. Like make people do evil things,” he said.

“Hmmm…,” I said and pondered yet again. “Then let’s do one thing. Let’s come down and trouble the others. Whenever anyone from the rest of the gang is in a fix, we’ll help them out ‘coz we’ll know what’s happening. I’ll be like their Guardian Angel since I’ll be coming from Heaven and I’ll give them good advice and tell them what’s the right thing to do.

“You can be like the evil twin, who’ll give exactly the opposite advice and be all evil. It’ll be like those cartoons or movies, where both of us will be on either side of our friends; I – with the halo and my white wings; and you – with your horns and your fork. Does that sound okay with you?” I asked him.

He smiled. Wickedly.

So that’s a plan. I just wanted to make you guys aware. When Sandeep and I are both dead, and you guys go through weird stuff, you can be assured that it’s the both of us; especially if it’s during the weekend when we’re supposed to meet on Earth. And how will you know which weekend to look out???? Don’t worry!  We’ll be kind enough to send you guys a schedule beforehand!

We’re going to have so much fun!!! I knew there was a reason I loved this guy so much! ;)

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