Monday, January 25, 2010

Cigarettes and Censorship

I was watching Grease on Vh1 yesterday and noticed something weird during the movie. Every time any of the characters was smoking a cigarette, it was blurred out; and by “it” I mean just the cigarette. So there was the actor’s face and a small black cloud just outside of the mouth.

I then noticed something weirder. The cigarette was blurred only when it was between the smoker’s lips. When someone held a lit cigarette between their fingers after taking a puff, or an unlit cigarette it wasn’t blurred out! Huh?

This is done because the censor board does not wish to promote smoking. But once again it seems as if the idea of what is suitable for television or not is so messed up in people’s head! If they think that by blurring the cigarette while someone is smoking, they’re going to be able to spread the message that people should not smoke, what about when a cigarette is in someone’s hand? Why not blur that one out too? What was funnier was that it was not blurred out when John Travolta was in the process of lighting it, but only after he put it in his mouth!

And while we’re talking about blurring stuff out just so that people know what’s good or bad; shouldn’t we blur out guns, explosives, and scenes showing explosion and terrorism??? Because they obviously cause more harm than cigarettes. I think we can conclude that the Censor Board is utterly confused about what to censor and what not to; or it’s trying to do whatever little it can to keep people like Pratibha Naithini from filing another Public Interest Litigation. I’m just saying!


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  1. Censorship in our country is severly biased an flawed. I remember watching FRIENDS years ago, and the episode was the one with Wynnona Rider (The one where she kisses Rachel). Saw the same episode recently and THEY CUT THE WHOLE KISS!!!!