Saturday, January 16, 2010

Have feet, Will dance...

Have I ever mentioned that between 1996 and 2002, I have had at least two dance performances on stage each year in school??? Well, I’m mentioning it now!

Right from the fifth standard till the eleventh, I was up on stage twice a year to put up dance performances for Teachers’ Day and Annual Day (not counting the two dress rehearsals before the actual Annual Day function.) The next time I danced after eleventh, was three years later, in 2005 during our college festival when I was in my second year of B.Com. I haven’t performed on stage since, and it had been driving me insane; until Saturday (the 9th of January).

I was going through Bombay Times (I wonder why its still called ‘Bombay’ Times when we switched over to “Mumbai” years ago… anyway…) because I wanted to book tickets for 3 Idiots for Sunday when I saw this Ad in the paper. The Ad was for SDIPA (Shaimak Davar’s Institute for the Performing Arts) and the new batches were to begin on Monday, the 11th.

I was super thrilled when I saw the Ad, and got nostalgic. Eight years ago, (yes!!! Eight whole years ago) I had joined SDIPA for Summer Funk ’02 immediately after my 10th standard board exams and wanted to join for every batch after that. But it was either the batch timings that clashed with college or the fees which were too high and it took me eight years to find another opportunity. I had seen the ad somewhere in October for Winter Funk ’09 but I had my exams in November and didn’t want to miss a single class, so I decided I would join in January when the next batch started.

I had almost forgotten about it until I accidentally saw the Ad. I asked Amma if I could join and when she gave me the green signal, there was no stopping me. I called the number in the Ad on Monday morning and enquired about the batch timings, the fees and the location of the Vashi center. I also got to know that the batch wasn’t full yet, so I could go and join last minute. So Monday evening, I was all excited and was all set with track pants and running shoes for my dance class.

The best part about SDIPA is that in the one hour session that we have, the first half hour is dedicated to an aerobic style work out with loud peppy music to go with it. When I had joined in ’02, they had us doing pliés, stomach crunches, etc. and after the two and a half month course I had a well toned tummy which I was thrilled about. So with that in mind, I didn’t think twice before joining.

When I reached there I was excited to see the dance studio with mirrors along the length of the studio. The batch was quite large and that I had not expected. We had two instructors, Natasha and Gurmeet who were about my age and therefore energetic! They briefed us about how we’ll be doing a work out at the start of every class and that the dancing will follow that. Only this time, we did a ‘Bollywood style’ work out – as Natasha put it. We had a remixed medley of the latest Bollywood songs and we did a dance-cum-workout to its tunes. After the fifteen minute session, I was panting for breath since I was obviously not used to such heavy duty dancing.

We started with a few Rock ‘N Roll steps next and I was a little disappointed because when I had joined previously, I had done an entire rock ‘n roll song (Greased Lightning from the movie Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton). So I went, “Not again!!!”

But it was fun. We danced to “Zubi Zubi” from 3 Idiots and had an awesome time. I felt liberated to be able to move my limbs to the tunes of music.

The course details say that we’ll be learning five different styles of dancing out of which Rock ‘N Roll is just one. So I’m looking forward to the other four. In the next class, we’re going to dance Bollywood style and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy the hip movements, etc. Hopefully at the end of the course I would have learnt four new styles (assuming what we’re taught in Bollywood is something totally different from what I already know) and will have a toned tummy by the time Sandeep’s b’day comes up.. Yay! :)

P.S. “Have Feet, Will Dance” is SDIPA’s slogan. I just love the feel of the words.


  1. Yea "Have Feet Will Dance, i have also been a part of Shiamak Dawar(Sdipa) in 2003, and still tryin to join, but its not happening, and Nice post reminded me about the practice sessions:-)

  2. Gald to know that! I hope you get your opportunity to join back soon too! :)