Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ICICI is Awesome!!!

Finally, there’s something that gets a good review from me. They should be proud of themselves!!! :P

It was tentatively decided almost two days ago that we would go to the CA Institute to submit our examination forms; and I had my exam form delivered to my place around last Thursday (courtesy Sandeep :D). So any normal person would have been ready with everything that they required by Monday night at least. But for someone who is as lazy as I am, leaving-things-until-the-last-moment reaches new levels really.

The procedure, although a little boring, is essential for you to be able to understand the situation completely (why, I’m not too sure myself exactly!) Apart from filling in the details in the form, the form isn’t complete for submission until…
  1. It is signed – in three separate places on the form – by the principal (under whom the applicant is registered for his/her Articleship), and
  2. It is accompanied by a Demand Draft (DD) for the examination fees.

So even though filling the form just takes about fifteen minutes, it’s the attestation and DD that take up quite sometime. What I could have done was; gotten the form signed and the DD made on Monday itself. But lazy that I am, I even filled the form after midnight on Monday (that’s almost Tuesday morning! I told you… I’m already redefining ‘procrastination’ :P)

Another reason behind doing everything on Tuesday was that my principal’s office is closer to the Institute than where I live. So it would be a waste of time if I traveled almost more than three fourths of the journey just to go back the next day. I guess we’ve settled that leaving the form to be signed until the last minute is justified.

Moving on to the DD making business; now THAT could have been done on Monday as I was at home the entire day, and there’s a bank so close to my house that I would be back before I even realized that I had been away. Not exactly, since my sister told me that the entire DD making process took about forty five minutes in that bank. Since it was already early evening on Monday and the bank was closed long before, I had no other option but to get up early on Tuesday and be the first one there when the bank opens so that I could get it done ASAP!!!

I was worried about being able to get up and thankfully in the middle of the night (after I had just finished filling the form) I got this information (from Gaurav) that DDs could be ordered over the phone if you had an account with ICICI Bank and could also be picked up at the bank once they were processed. Now THAT was awesome. So this is what I did…

I got up late (obviously) and called ICICI Phone Banking even before I brushed my teeth. The automated answering service guided me with various options and asked for a few details like my Debit card No., my ATM pin and finally I asked (chose an Option) to speak to someone. I told them that I wanted to make a DD. He confirmed my Account No., asked for the amount, the payee’s name and place where the DD would be payable. After that he asked me where I wished to receive the DD!! Can you believe it??? I could pick it up from any branch of ICICI as per my convenience irrespective of whether my account was with that particular branch or not. Super Awesome!!!!

Since the Nariman Point branch was the closest to Cuff Parade, I chose to get it picked up from there. He asked me the name of the person who would come to collect the DD and told me that they would have to have a photo ID. He then gave me a request number/ transaction code, asked for a mobile number to be provided and I instantly got an SMS with all the details of the DD in it!!

So the time that I would have otherwise spent in any other bank waiting for the DD to be made, I utilized it to travel up to my destination. When I reached the Nariman Point branch, it was a matter of 10 minutes; and even that because their internal software was facing a little network trouble. All the officer did was, ask for my account number, print the DD out, check my photo ID and have me sign a document that I received my DD.

Bottom-line, if you’re ever in a hurry and need a DD, you can always order for it over the phone and get it collected from any ICICI branch of your choice. It will be made ready within an hour of you placing the order. ICICI, you saved my butt today!!! I’m glad I bank with you…. :D  

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