Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Dream of Cup Corn

My (maternal) grandparents are leaving for the US tonight (I just realized that this post should have been more about how they’ve already gone there about three or four times when I haven’t been able to visit even once! Some other time maybe.) My mama and Mami (uncle and aunt) have given us a list of things that they need from India; like farsan (snack items), some music CDs, etc; the regular stuff you know. One of the things on the list was colors used during Holi.

Apparently my little cousins there want to play Holi and the colors are available only in India. So we had to go buy them. Let me remind you all that it’s been 10 days since Holi and finding regular colors itself is a big problem 10 days after the festival is over; let alone organic colors (did I mention that they needed organic colors, not the regular ones??? Sorry... Doing it now! :P)

So Natasha and I, after my dance class yesterday scanned through the entire sector 9 market in Vashi looking for organic colors because that’s where we were told we could find them. After going to about 10 shops we decided that it was a failed attempt and we on our way back home, when something clicked.

Remember I had organized a Holi party a few years ago for my office? We had used only organic colors then and we had purchased it from D-Mart (I think). So there’s this one D-Mart near our house – somewhere in Sea Woods – and we decided to check that out.

Natasha went inside to check if they had what we were looking for, whereas I was waiting outside the store with the bike (didn’t bother to park it in the parking lot because it would take us just a few minutes whether the colors were available there or not; and was afraid to just park it outside the store for the fear of it being towed away.)

I was getting bored outside waiting when I decided to call her and check what was going on. The sales lady was a bit confused about what my sister was asking her, so she asked me if I remembered the name of the brand of organic colors. I didn’t, but I had this picture on my phone 

(I had taken this during the Holi party) and I decided to zoom and see if I could make out which brand it was. Unfortunately I couldn’t, so I let it be and asked Natasha to get whatever brand they had (if any) and come out fast.

There were small stalls outside the store – a pani puri stall, a chaat stall, and a stall that sold cup corn. When I saw those stalls I realized that I reeeeaaallly wanted to have cup corn right then and my mouth (obviously) started watering. I didn’t want to leave the bike, so I waited till Natasha came out so that I would ask her to get it for me. Unfortunately, even though Natasha was out in about 7 minutes after she went in, it was almost time for the store to close and the stall had closed as well. Sigh!

We drove off to come home and have dinner but I reeeeeaaaaallllly wanted cup corn yesterday. So much that I dreamt about it.

In the dream I was making cup corn (it’s not that hard. I’ve made it before. You just boil the corn, drain the water and add butter, salt and spices as per your taste! That’s all… There, I even gave you the recipe) and somehow it didn’t taste all that good. It was yellow (like it should be) and I remember adding salt; but it was watery and I couldn’t get the taste of pepper (also something that I remember adding in the dream). Suffice to say I was disappointed.

Next time I crave for something to eat, I swear I’m going to get it because otherwise it turns into an obsession (in my sub-conscious) and I have pathetic dreams where it doesn’t even taste good. Hmmpf!

And why am I blogging about it??? The blog url says ‘infinitedreamzzz.’ And even though I’ve been blogging for about more than I year now, I haven’t written about any of mine – yet. So I figured I’d mention at least one… :D


  1. Hi!!! There I commented...I didn't know what else to write :P (Pls don't kill me!!)

  2. The picture has been taken on 21 March 2008 using NOKIA N95 8GB with 300dpi resolution shot with ISO 320 on Shutter priority mode. Upon Zooming on a Computer screen the Trade Name of the Color seems to be "HOLI KE RANG".
    B'lated Happy Holi and yes I know me and my comments are religiously hated in here...

  3. @Bluesky: This is what you are best at!!! Providing unnecessary information. Do you think I didn't know when the picture was taken??

    Oh! And FYI, 'Holi Ke Rang' is the name of the product, not the name of the manufacturer. You get too excited when you have information of no use. Take some advice from me this time... I think you should learn to relax a little!!

  4. @Nikita: You write really well and are very expressive. Keep writing coz I love reading. :)

    @Bluesky: I dont know who you are. But I know that ppl like you only want to annoy and irritate others coz they dont have anything better to do. And...if you dont like her posts, dont read them..its as simple as that dude!