Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was watching Legally Blonde (again) today and I realized something, that I had missed the last few times I saw the movie. For those who haven’t seen the movie; it’s about a girl called Ellen Woods (obviously blonde) who loves a guy, Warner something. Now this guy has an ambition in life; to be a senator by the age of 30, and plans on going to Harvard to study Law. Ellen on the other hand is a fashionista, loves pink, is the President of her sorority and has a cute dog named Bruiser Woods, who goes everywhere she does.

When high school ends, she feels that Warner will propose, but he breaks up with her instead because even though he loved her (or so he says) he couldn’t marry her – whatever that meant! So Ellen decides to study for the LSATs just to be able to get into Harvard to prove to Warner that she is good enough for him. But in the process, she takes the entire ‘studying Law in Harvard’ thing so seriously, that she ends up becoming a helluva student, the class Valedictorian and a helluva lawyer; and also gets the opportunity to turn Warner down when he decides to come back to her.

What struck me this time when I saw the movie was her enthusiasm and her never-say-die spirit. Even though becoming a lawyer was not what she wanted to do with her life, she put her heart and soul into it, and the most logical thing happened – she became a Lawyer!

And being at the brink of those two months where I’m supposed to be studying non-stop, this movie totally inspired me to pull my socks up and just dive into it with full force. It’s not like I didn’t know this already, but the whole idea just sunk in a lot deeper and a lot stronger today, and I intend to keep it that way till I’m done with exams because anyone who’s done this more than once will vouch for me when I say that I don’t want to go through this once again.

And the good news is that I did start studying yesterday night and did a little bit today as well. People who’ve been reading for sometime will know that I’m nocturnal which means as of this moment, my day has just started :)

I already am in a better frame of mind than the last two times and whatever little ‘pushing’ I needed to completely be in the mood, was accomplished when I saw the movie this afternoon (relax… I was taking my lunch break; which was a little longer than most people need, but hey! I’m just getting into the “groove” of studying again… It’ll take a while for me to get there!)

So I’m all set to face the next two months smiling (which I totally lacked the last two times!) and fully enthused! And if along the way I ever feel like I need to be motivated again (and I never thought I would say THIS, but…) I’ll watch Legally Blonde again!!! :)

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