Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lines from 'Chicken Soup...' - Updated

I did a little book shopping at Crosswords yesterday and bought two things; one of which I had been really looking for, for about two months now. I bought ‘Breaking Dawn’ – the fourth book in the ‘Twilight’ saga by Stephenie Meyer and ‘Chicken Soup for the Indian Romantic Soul.’ I haven’t been reading my novels for quite sometime now for obvious reasons; so it didn’t make sense to start with ‘Breaking Dawn’ because I know that once I start reading it, I won’t be able to put it down. So I decided to start with the ‘Chicken Soup…’ because it has short stories hardly four pages long and it’d be like a refreshing break.

I started reading it yesterday night before I was about to fall asleep and managed to go through about four or five stories and one of them had these lines which struck me as being so very true and I just had to share them here. And when I read more stories and find similar or even more awesome lines, I’ll keep updating this post. So here goes…

“It’s very comfortable being married to your best friend. There are no formalities, no need for pretence or making an impression, no dating stress or standing before the cupboard hyper-ventilating over what to wear. There’s no hesitation in wiping the bread crumbs across the other’s mouth or shyness in being intimate. There’s no risk of the fallouts of power struggles. You are where you have always been. It’s like home.”

“The key to a long successful relationship is ‘not falling out of love at the same time.’”

And I agree with each and every word!


  1. Nice one....have u read the whole series....i've heard quite a lot about them, though i havent read a single one.....i guess these are worth reading is it???

  2. I've read one or two books very long ago... "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul." They are a collection of stories contributed by people about their experiences and life. It's interesting and you have all sorts of categories to pick from!