Saturday, March 20, 2010

Side Effects of Studying: #3 Mood Swings

For the last few days I’ve been shuttling between “Wow! I’m feeling so great!!!” and “Ugh! This sucks!” kinda feelings - regularly! This very obviously seems to be the third in the series of side effects that I’ve been suffering from on account of studying – Mood Swings!

Mood swings generally happen due to hormonal changes or chemical imbalances in the body (here’s how I’m so sure about it... :P) I can bet that THOSE aren’t the reasons for my mood swings. Then what could possibly be causing mine??

For one, I have been an insomniac for over two weeks now. And to add to that misery I have insomnia’s by-product, the sleepy head feeling all the live long day, where I’m forcing my self to stay awake just to ensure that my body clock does not get disturbed just to avoid becoming nocturnal again.

To sum up, I can’t sleep when I want to sleep and I feel sleepy when I’m supposed to be awake and want to study. Result – Mood Swings.

Let me explain how this works – of course mood swings don’t “work” They prevent you from getting any work done at all. I just meant I’d explain how things used to be. :)

One day, I’d be all ecstatic and enthusiastic that I’d be able to achieve about 70% of my day’s targets, whereas the next day I’d be feeling like curling up into a ball and not getting out of bed, or moping around the house thereby not being able to get anything done at all.

The smallest of things could affect me (which I would have otherwise found funny and/or laughed at.) My tear glands didn’t seem to be in my control and I got emotional at every little thing whether it was thinking about something, watching something or just speaking to someone! I cried like a baby when I watched this!!

Ugh! It was difficult. The worst part about it was that when I was speaking to someone and suddenly my mood changed, they always ended up thinking that it was something they said that got me upset. Nine out of ten times (actually, let’s make it all 10 times) it was Sandeep on the other line and he got worried about what was bothering me so much. Of course I didn’t have an answer then to tell him exactly why it was happening to me. When I did find the reason out and tell him, it must’ve relieved him a little bit.

The question now, is how do I make it go away? It does not seem to be helping me in any way. To be honest, it is only making things worse – studies wise and also when it comes to dealing with people.

It could go away if I slept better, but that I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I could sleep when I actually feel sleepy, but I won’t do that.

Ugh! I’m gonna go make a cup of coffee… Maybe that’ll help!


  1. I know all about the mood swings.. seriously!

  2. @Kellie: I'm glad someone can empathize! :)