Friday, March 26, 2010

Side Effects of Studying: #4 Social Outcast

Do you know who your best friends turn out to be when you’re locked up inside your house for weeks… ok… that was exaggerating it a bit… days together? Well, you would, if you remembered any of them at all. Ok, even THAT was exaggeration, but the margin is really tiny.

Being indoors for a long period of time, especially when it is self imposed can do wonders, really. It totally (and I mean a hundred percent) changes the way you look at things. Here’s a little story that’ll tell you exactly what I mean.

I hadn’t stepped out of the house after last Thursday – that makes it ten days today since then – and the only people I saw during all of those ten days were my mother, my sister and our maid. Of course, there was the garbage guy, the postman, the laundry guy; but those aren’t the people that matter, are they?

Fortunately, today my unofficial self-imposed house arrest got a mini break when I treated myself to a social evening. I met my friends from the dance class, and right from the moment I locked the doors to my house, it was almost a euphoric feeling.

I took a deep breath the minute I set foot outside my building and walked towards my beloved bike (who had been waiting for more than two weeks just to be started and that obviously meant that it took about seven to eight tries to just get the engine roaring.) I loved the gush of the air against my face even though inside my colony premises I was driving not faster than 20 kmph (remember the thing I told you about looking at everything differently. Here’s one…)

I was almost singing at the top of my lungs as I drove towards Vashi to meet the gang and I felt – I know I use this word a lot – Liberated! Yes! That exactly! I was almost wondering why I hadn’t done this earlier. Now getting out of the house and driving out somewhere is not that big a deal, at all! Then why would and how could someone enjoy it so much? Try not getting out of the house at all for about three or four days and then tell me you didn’t feel the same. Go on… I dare you! :P

I had gone to the temple two days ago, but then it cannot be categorized as a social outing – a religious thing maybe, but definitely not social. And I came back home in a matter of forty five minutes. It felt peaceful to be there, I’m not denying it; but today was totally different. Of course the peaceful environment at the temple was interrupted by ringing cell phones and people (actually just one guy) answering their phones while inside the temple – one of the few disadvantages of technological advancements; people tend to forget basic etiquettes of behaving while in a public place.

The minute I reached there (oh.. we’re back to today’s story now) I was so elated to see familiar faces; it was almost as if a little child found her favorite toy; and this I am not exaggerating. So you know what I’m talking about?

This whole studying thing results into such an unavoidable isolation that has even more side effects - which of course will be coming up soon enough! ;) …and you are sort of distanced from the world that has people, events, gatherings, enjoyment and so much more that you end up not being a part of, even though you so badly want to; but you just can’t. It’s not that you want this isolation or the awesome package of loneliness that comes right along and absolutely free… no wait… there is a cost… your social life; but you’ve got to deal with it anyway. What to do??

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  1. Yup very rightly does feel gud to get out house after a long break...i usually do that...hehehe...probably not as exaggerated as u say so....but yes it does happen...god u really do enjoy the finer things in life....thats nice actually we should strive to live in such a way...