Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chop Chop Chop!!!

Sounds like I’m in the kitchen making some mixed vegetable dish; but I’m not. It’ll be a while until I step into the kitchen for good, because I know that when I do that, I won’t be able to get out – not easily at least. So I’m taking my time there. But that’s not what I’m taking about, is it? I’m talking about my hair.

Summer has just begun about a month ago and already we’re all in a stage where it is impossible to feel comforted by just the moving fan and we cannot have the AC on the entire day. Although the fan does provide air, it is still the warm and sticky air that keeps moving around the room. The body can still take it to some extent, but not the hair – especially not my kind of hair.

It becomes sticky with all the humidity and starts twisting and curling at the ends if it’s long enough to have its tips far far away from the roots. Not just that, the hair falling down your back adds to the heat around the nape of your neck too. One solution is to tie it up in a bun, but then even that has its disadvantages. When you open your bun, which you obviously have to secure in place with an elastic band, quite a few strands of hair break along with it, wrapped all around the scrunchy (the elastic band.) And why does the hair break? There could be multiple reasons, but I know mine.

My hair has been subjected to a lot during the past few years and a lot more than ‘a lot’ only in the last eighteen months or so. ‘A lot’ is the difference in water here and the water that my hair was used to when I lived in Andheri about six years ago; maybe the different shampoos and hair products I’ve tried in the last few years. ‘A lot more than a lot is the tremendous stress and tension that has constantly been there at the back of my mind – consciously and sub-consciously  – that has resulted in the increased hair fall.

As a result, my hair that used to be thick, lustrous and long had now become just lustrous and long, which is not a good combination at all. Imagine nice and shiny long brownish black hair that looks like a malnourished horse’s tail; get the picture? What hurts more is that only in the last year and a half or so, the thickness of my hair has become less than two-thirds of what it was. I am not even going to compare it with the hair that I had six years ago; or worse, the thickness of my hair when I was in school.

And considering that the heat was just going to get worse as summer advanced, I had to so something. Something that saved me from the sticky hair but at the same time made it look nicer than it did. So I chopped it off.

I figured that if I had shorter hair – short enough that I wouldn’t need to tie it and long enough for me to still look like a girl – I would feel better about the summer heat that was getting worse with every passing second. Ah! I’m so happy now. I had been growing my hair long for the past so many years. Every time I went to the salon to cut my hair, I made it very clear to them that I did not want the length to be reduced as I was trying to grow my hair. I was sad to see my long hair go waste, but what I got in return was comforting enough. My head now felt lighter, I didn’t have to worry (much) about the pesky heat, I could tie it in a pony tail and it would still be about two inches away from my neck and I got a new look!!!!!!!!

So all in all it was worth it because I hadn’t had hair this short since after my tenth and that was eight years ago! It feels awesome.

And after I have bragged so much about it, it doesn’t seem fair if I don’t put pictures. So here they are…

This is how my hair was before I chopped it off…

This is how thick my hair used to be about two years ago...

And THIS is how I look now… :)

And now that I like it so much, I think I'm going to let it remain this short for a while, a few months or maybe years more till I feel I want to have long hair again.