Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kya Family Hai: #1

It was a normal Sunday morning in our house (actually… in my Grandma’s house) and I had just reached there before ten. The kids were still sleeping and I was a little surprised when I saw three kids (all familiar faces :P), because only two lived there. I concluded that even Kritika was there. It just meant that I had to wake three of them up instead of two. No biggie!

I started to pull their cheeks and ran my fingers through their hair (which only made them feel nice and sleep even more). When that didn’t work, I nudged them and that’s when they realized that I was there. I was sitting on the edge of the huge bed and Rudransh was the closest to me. When he opened his eyes and saw that I was there, he didn’t wake up; instead he put his head on my lap and caught me by the waist and went back to sleep. Kritika opened her eyes a little wider when she realized it was me and asked me what I was doing there. I said I would tell her once she got up. It took a few more minutes of cajoling to actually wake Ananya up.

After about fifteen minutes of soft whispers in their ears (which were about to turn into screams) and slight nudges (which would have become ‘pushes’ had they not woken up by then) they finally woke up. After they were done brushing their teeth, we sat down for breakfast – some of us eating, some of us still drowsy at being woken up after barely a few hours of good sleep because they had been up watching Paranormal Activity. It didn’t matter to me. I was there and I wanted to spend sometime. Besides, it wasn’t as if I was there at seven in the morning. It was nearly eleven by then.

I was there because Rudransh had his Annual Day function that evening, he was the lead in the Musical and there was no way I was going to miss that. I was there a little earlier because I had crammed three or four things into one day’s schedule and I had no intention of missing any of it. After all, I didn’t get to be in Andheri everyday!

So as I asked them to buck up, they asked me what the rush was. I told them that I had to spend sometime with them before rushing off to meet a friend who had just had a baby, then watch a movie in the afternoon and come back in time to watch the Musical. And that did it! The mention of a friend having a baby sparked a conversation I would not forget.

“She’s your friend and she already has a baby???” one of them asked me and I’m almost positive, it was Kritika.

“Yeah! She does. She’s three years older than I am. She lives in the building I used to live in when I was in Andheri. She got married about two and a half years ago,” I explained to them.

“So by that calculation, you should be married within six months or maximum, by the end of this year,” Kritika added.

“No. It doesn’t have to happen that way for me. I still have time,” I said.

Arrre didi, if you don’t get married and don’t have children aapka vansh aage kaise badhega?? (how will you have descendents?)” said Rudransh.

“I will have children. Don’t worry. Just not so soon. There’s still time for that. And please lets talk about something else,” I said trying to change the direction of the conversation right then. Had it been any other bunch of kids, I’m sure it would have meant the end of that conversation. But not with my cousins!

Rudransh went on to add, “If you don’t have children soon, people will think something is wrong with you. Then we’ll have to call scientists to examine you. We’ll send you to NASA, because they wouldn’t have come across such a weird creature in ages. And then when they do send you back, it’d be too late for you.”

The other two started laughing whereas I was giving him a what-kind-of-shit-can-you-come-up-with look. When he saw the other two laughing, he told Kritika, “Don’t worry. Even you are very unique and must have weird things inside of your body. By the time you are in your twenties, even you would be needed there because you are just as weird.”

And when Ananya (the youngest among the six of us – eleven years old) laughed, he told her, “You know you are the weirdest of all. For you, they don’t have to wait till you are twenty. They’d be here for you next year itself.”

It didn’t take a minute for her to respond with, “You know you are so weird that they already took you and sent you back. That is the reason you are a little normal now!” To quote what she said in Hindi, it was, “Arre tu toh intna vichitra hai ki tujhe leke gaye aur wapas bhi bhej diya. Isiliye tu thoda normal hai abhi.”

That shut him up pretty well, and the rest of us had a good laugh!

Kya family hai! (What a family!!!)