Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pimples are Mangoes' Best Friend

Summer is here (though it was here even when winter hadn’t properly ended, but that’s not the point) which means its MANGO season; YUM! Aren’t they the best thing you’ve ever tasted? I haven’t eaten any other fruit that’s as tasty as mangoes. Strawberries maybe, but they are sort of sweet and sour and I for one believe that they taste better when they’re used as flavors in ice-creams or chap stick – not that they don’t taste good naturally, just that they’re better when used in other stuff.

So we’ve established that mango is the best fruit ever – taste wise! I’ve loved mango since I was a little kid and that’s the only fruit I’d eat without being told. I’m not a big fan of fruits otherwise. I used to wait for summers just because it meant two things – a long vacation from school and Mangoes! I love mangoes so much, that I eat it with the skin; that has all the vitamins.

But things have been a little different for the last few years – since puberty hit. If I eat too much of mangoes (mind you, it doesn’t even have to be an entire one!) I get pimples. Not ‘a’ pimple, pimples. Ugh! It’s irritating when your otherwise perfectly clear skin develops scary zits. And being a girl doesn’t make things any easier.

So I have to cut down on mangoes, because apparently pimples come with them – free of cost; they’re like a package deal. I haven’t given them up completely; I still have a slice or two. But when they’re lying there on the table nicely sliced and smelling so delicious; it takes a lot of effort to not eat them because I know it’ll be a whole year before they’re back. But as soon as I think about the pimples, that does it. I don’t even look at the mangoes.

I envy people who can have mangoes as much as they want without having to worry about their skin breaking out. I truly do!

P.S. I'll try to post the second part of the story by tonight or tomorrow latest. So, yeah! :)