Thursday, April 8, 2010

Side Effects of Studying: #5 Addiction to Caffeine

I’m going to do a very small post here because I have a splitting head ache that begins around my eye-brows and goes all the way down to my cheek bones, not to mention the pain I feel all around my skull every time I even move my head slightly.

I am done analyzing cause-effect relationships here because I am so sure that anything that’s going askew with anything in my body (and/or mind) these days can only be because of one thing! And for people who actually enjoy studying, I can’t even imagine how you can get yourself to enjoy it. You are in a totally different league altogether. I am only short of saluting you; and I am not even being sarcastic.

After going through the previously mentioned phases, I have now reached a stage where I need to use techniques to stay awake – well not awake exactly; alert would be a better word to use. 

The most tried and tested methods (according to others) have been tea or coffee, so I decided to try those. I remember drinking two huge mugs of coffee last year so that I could stay up all night. But I thought I only had to do that since I was working against my body clock and I wouldn’t need it now. I wouldn’t have made that statement had I known that I would need them even to properly be awake in the morning.

Turns out that now I need them! Get what I’m saying? People who said that coffee would help me stay up forgot to mention that I would come to depend on it so badly that I wouldn’t be able to function properly without it. On normal days I can do fine without it. But when I have to really concentrate (and I know my span of attention isn’t longer than 90 minutes unless I’m reading one of those novels that I love so much) I have to have coffee.

And when I don’t have it, I get headaches. Coffee isn’t all actually. I used to have only coffee until now, because I didn’t know how to make tea. Yeah! Laugh all you want, but I am almost 23 and I didn’t know how to make tea – until just a few days ago. I didn’t know how to make even coffee till last year. You want to hear the irony? I could cook a three course regular meal, but I didn’t know how to make tea. Oh! The amount of ridicule I have gone through!

Anyway, coming back to what I was saying; now that I have learnt how to make tea as well, the absence of caffeine in my body results in two things – drowsiness and headaches. I can still function with drowsiness, but headaches reduce my ability to concentrate more than drowsiness can even think of!

So yeah, in between writing this post, about twenty minutes ago I made myself a nice cup of tea and I’m feeling a little better. I’m going to give it up once exams are over, but until then, caffeine is my best friend.

I don’t want to comment on what I have learnt about the syllabus being applied practically, but if anything at all; I can safely say that the only practical thing this course and the ensuing exams have taught me, is how to make tea and coffee. My family is so relieved! :P