Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At Work

 Surprisingly, that is true. Well, not for me. I knew I was going to be starting work in sometime. I meant surprising for you guys.

Over the last few posts I have been talking about making a career switch and given that fate was on my side all this while and its not-so-subtle indications right in front of me, I grabbed the opportunity with open arms and very happily, I am on my way to where I want to be.

By the end of mid May, when I had almost recovered from the kidney stone, I decided that I couldn’t sit around and wait for things to happen on their own anymore. So I made a resume and started sending applications to companies who wanted to hire content writers. Truthfully I applied to a lot of places not placing much emphasis on how great the work was. My only concern was that as long as I was getting to do what I wanted, I would gladly start even at the bottom of the hierarchy.

A month and hundreds of applications later, I found a place that needed a content coordinator but they said they would only hire Post Graduates in Journalism. I called them and gave them a little background about myself emphasizing on the fact that I was about to make a career switch and therefore, although I had been writing for leisure for the last one and a half years, I didn’t have any professional writing experience. I also told them that I was willing to work as an intern and be trained before they confirmed my employment with them permanently and this seemed convenient for both.

The next day I was called for an interview, which went pretty well, and I was asked when I could join. I hadn’t spoken to ma’am (who by the way was very supportive when I did tell her… She is the sweetest! Really!) about my decision to change streams till then so I asked for ten days and they agreed. I was to join them as a trainee and would be on probation for a period of six months at the end of which based on my performance (if satisfactory) I would be made permanent.

So I started work yesterday and intended to write about it yesterday itself. But as I was so dead tired by the time I reached home (I haven’t woken up by 6 and been out of the house by 7.30 in so long, that it actually took a lot of effort) that writing about the day was the last thing on my mind. Also, serving the cooked dishes (in Caf√© World) before they spoilt took precedence over my writing interests :P

Doesn’t matter. I’ll write about it now. I am working with a publishing house that has 14 niche industrial magazines that cater to their respective industrial sectors and I am a part of the editorial team that generates the content. 14 different topics offer a lot of diversity in the content that will ensure that the work doesn’t become monotonous. Also, writing something that will actually be printed on paper is exciting even though it won’t be printed with my name on it.

It is just my second day today and I am kinda enjoying what I’m doing. It is still too soon to tell how things will be as the days pass but as of today I don’t foresee much trouble. The best part though about this job (apart from the fact that I get to write on a daily basis) is that I have my own desk and PC!! Not a great thing but when I was an intern at EY, we didn’t have desks allotted to us at office because we were hardly ever there and spent most of our time at the client’s office where we worked as a team either in a cabin that was assigned to auditors or in the client’s conference room.

I always envied the HR department or the managers who had their own desks and got to decorate it and personalize it. That’s why it is so exciting for me to have my own desk. :)

Oh! And did I mention that we have unrestricted Internet access?? Most of our work involves a lot of research and reading, so yeah and yay!! :) :)

But there is also one aspect that makes me a little unhappy. It is almost seven in the evening by the time I reach home and after staring at the computer screen and reading all day, I barely have any energy left to read all the blogs that I’m following. I’ll try to keep up but am not sure if I can read each and every one of them.

Other than that, I’m going to miss Castle! Today is the last episode of the first season but since my mom watches her programs during the first telecast of the episode, I can’t watch it. Before I joined here, I used to stay up until one in the morning to watch the repeat but I can’t do that anymore since I have to be up by six. Castle repeats an episode four times before the next telecast (yeah! I checked the schedule over the internet) but I can’t watch any of them because they are either too late in the night or are repeated when I’m in or on my way to office. So they show an episode FIVE times and I can’t even catch one! Big Bummer!! :(  I guess I’ll have to try and convince my mom to forget about today’s episode of hers so that I can watch the season finale of Castle!!!

Other than that, there are no significant updates as of now. And as I am posting this from office and its almost 5.30, I’ll sign off for now and post from home if I come up with something else.

Ciao! :D