Monday, July 12, 2010

'A Summer Secret' by Kathleen Fuller - Review

“A Summer Secret” by Kathleen Fuller is the story of an Amish girl who lives with her parents and three brothers in a small town called Middlefield. One summer, Mary Beth, who is tired of her brothers playing pranks on her; finds a secret hiding place - a desolate barn that keeps her away from her brothers. She spends her afternoons in the barn drawing and writing in her journal.

But suddenly she gets the feeling that she her secret place may not be a secret after all. There is someone else who appears to not only know about the barn but also seems to visit there regularly. The thirteen-year-old girl and her twin brother, Johnny, set out to find who the intruder is. In doing so, Mary Beth and Johnny are faced with a dilemma - whether to obey their parents, or do what they feel is right even if it might make their parents unhappy or angry with them. And through all this, Mary Beth realizes that Johnny isn’t the insensitive brother who always plays pranks. There is also another side of him that is compassionate, caring and understanding – the side that she had known all her life and the side that she can trust.

It is a great read for a teenager. It describes in great detail the Amish way of simple living that doesn’t consist of things like electricity, a television or even a telephone– things that non-Amish people (or Yankees as the Amish call us) may consider necessities. The bond between the brother and sister that is re-created during the summer when they try to unfold the secret of the intruder in the barn is beautifully described. 

Accolades… and my 100th!

It’s a bright and sunny day outside these four walls. I am acknowledging the fact because I hadn’t stepped out of my house in the past three days. I was down with a fever, cough and eventually, got a cold too. I was so tired of being at home and having nothing concrete to do that I decided to get up and come to work even though I haven’t recovered completely. Anyway, I was tired of postponing my 100th post, especially after I knew what I was going to be writing about.

Over the last month, this blog - that has been my baby for about a year and a half; has been appreciated by quite a few people and they have been generous enough to let the fact be known by presenting me with blog awards. I am really very very grateful to each and every one of them. I delayed posting it on the blog because I didn’t want to brag. But as it turns out, it is not considered bragging in the blogosphere because you get to share these awards with other fellow bloggers. Awesome, isn’t it?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday #5

It’s not that I am short of ideas for blog posts; I never am. But I’ve got just two posts left before I hit a 100.Yes, this is my 99th post and I have something special planned for the 100th. So I gave a lot of thought to the 99th but then I gave up. I decided to write whatever came my way because I wanted to touch the 100th mark. So here I am. It’s Friday again and I’m filling blanks from Lauren’s blog… You know the rules. Fill them on your own blog and link them up here.