Friday, July 2, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday #5

It’s not that I am short of ideas for blog posts; I never am. But I’ve got just two posts left before I hit a 100.Yes, this is my 99th post and I have something special planned for the 100th. So I gave a lot of thought to the 99th but then I gave up. I decided to write whatever came my way because I wanted to touch the 100th mark. So here I am. It’s Friday again and I’m filling blanks from Lauren’s blog… You know the rules. Fill them on your own blog and link them up here.

1.  This weekend for The 4th of July I'll be      over at Andheri as usual. 4th of July is not a big day for us because I’m all the way in India. So this weekend would be pretty much like any other weekend for me. But yes, I have plans to take Jyothi shopping because she’s leaving for US by the end of this month for her Ph.D. and I’m doing whatever I can to spend time with her before she leaves. So yeah, that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.   

2.  Fireworks are     not all that necessary. Celebration doesn’t necessitate polluting the environment, really. And I’m not just saying this, I practice it. In India, Diwali is the biggest of all festivals and like colours symbolize Holi, firecrackers symbolize Diwali. But I haven’t brust a single cracker after the Diwali of 2001 (when I was in the 9th standard) – and by that I mean not even lighting a phool jhadi  or a zameen chakri; and neither has my sister.  My cousins still do, but I haven’t. My reasons for aversion towards fireworks are two-fold.

(i) the annoying sounds they make every time they burst…. It’s so difficult to even watch TV during the week of Diwali because no sooner does one cracker bursts, there’s another one being lit up right behind it. Ugh!

(ii) they pollute the environment with all the smoke. As if we don’t have enough of that already???
Fireworks/ firecrackers are one of those things the world can do away with and it still won’t make a difference.   

3.  Nothing says summer like     mangoes. I know I don’t eat them a lot these days because of the pimples they always manage to leave behind, but they’re the only thing I can associate with summer. I would have said Holidays… but I’m not in school or college anymore where we get holidays for the summer. Nope! So mangoes it is!!!     

4.  My favorite summer memory is     I have two actually. The first is the one where we spent most of our summer in Ghana and the second is when we went to Summer Club.   

5.  My favorite thing about summer is     that it doesn’t rain fireballs… YET. Yes.. there’s nothing about summer that’s my favorite and that’s only because where I live, summer seems to be nothing short of a curse. It’s impossible to step outside the house from the time the sun is over our heads till the time it sets, my hair becomes messy and there’s always the fear of getting tanned. I used to love summers earlier because we had the longest holidays in summer, but with the heat these days you can neither go out and have fun, nor can you stay at home comfortably without an air conditioner    

6.  Summer in a word is    holiday! Only if you’re in school or college where you get holidays for the summer… :P   

7.  If I could choose to have summer or winter year round I'd pick    winter.  I like summer but I’d rather be too cold than be too hot. It’s not that difficult a choice really. Plus my hair styles better in the winter. :D   

Coming up next, my 100th post!!! Stay tuned!! ;)