Sunday, October 3, 2010

“Angel Song” by Sheila Walsh & Kathryn Cushman - A Review

Ann Fletcher, has been away from her home in Charleston and works for a home staging company in New York. But there is one thing that pulls her towards the place that she’s forgotten long ago – her sister Sarah who’s graduating. What was supposed to be a happy vacation turns into a disaster that leaves her alone; almost!

Ann realizes that she can hear a beautiful tune that no one else around her can, except Sarah’s twelve year old neighbor Keith who has Downs Syndrome. Keith also believes that he can see angles and they talk to him. In the midst of struggling with the fact that she’s all alone and trying to get as far away from Charleston as possible, Ann discovers that she’s drawn back to a place that she’d detached herself from long ago and to people who are nothing like her.

The story line of the book is good, although I felt that it was stretched a bit long. But the story is very expressive and as a reader I could imagine the scene described by the authors extremely well. Ann’s discomfort at being continuously surrounded by neighbors she didn’t know at all and offering to help without her wanting them to, has been described in great detail. Although I’ve read books that have more gripping twists and turns than this one, it was still hard to keep it down once I started reading. I guess that says a lot about a book.