Sunday, October 31, 2010

Idea!! Idea!!

I thought I'd cook up at least one (more) post for October, but couldn't come up with something worthwhile. This doesn't mean that I didn't try. I did have a few things in mind. But they chose to remain as drafts until I pronounced them unworthy of being published. And then I deleted them.

So I have nothing more to contribute to the glory of October 2010. There is one thing noticeable though. Including this ridiculously insignificant post, October has performed better than the last two months, which is something in itself. Not something that I can be proud of, but at least something I can feel better about.

I have also not been posting at My Happy 5 because of my belief in jinxes. I really don't want to put all my happiness out there everyday and in detail only to be royally jinxed by those who can't stand to see me happy. And believe me, the number of those has significantly increased in the past few months. So yeah! Boo for you guys! I'm going to keep my happy stuff to myself and write in my secret diary in the traditional way :P Maybe I'll even start with "Dear Diary" :P :P

Even though am not going to be posting there (much) now, I am not going to delete the blog! There is no way I can EVER do that, because it has managed to keep me happy on my not-so-happy days. Also because a lot of totally unknown people have really loved the idea and the positivity and hope in the entire process. So, what I can do, is invite others to contribute - unless you're worried that your happiness might get jinxed too. That way, the blog stays alive and the happiness can spread. I can live knowing others are happy! I seriously can! :D See.. Happy! :D

How does this sound?? We make it a blog hop, and post once a week... So at the end of every week, we could come up with 5 things we have been thankful for during the entire week (I think I can post once a week) and we'll do this every Sunday. I'll keep the Linky List open for two days. This way we can all have fun!!! I've put up a poll for this at My Happy 5. So head on over there and vote and let me know how many of you would join in every week and spread some joy!! And it's a good time to start too.. The Holidays are just around the corner... Starting with Diwali next week!! I'm soooooo excited!! :)

P.S. You can vote only till Friday (November 5) and I'll post the details of the blog hop on Saturday (November 6) and we can start next Sunday (November 7)