Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caught the bloody Prankster!

For the last few months we've been facing some kind of trouble. Someone has been ringing the doorbell and running away. It's so annoying; followed only by the sound of the bell rung two times in one go. You hear the bell ring and rush to open the door, and then you see that there's no one standing there. The thing is, since we live on the ground floor, it is so convenient for whoever it is to just run off either to one of the floors above ours or right outside the building.

So for a long time, whenever we came across this situation, we waited with the door open to see if someone came back but we had no such luck. We had been enduring this for quite sometime now, until this Sunday when we had a breakthrough.

My sister was returning from somewhere and the auto that she came in was parked just outside our building when she saw some kid ring the bell and then run. Of course, she caught hold of him and a bunch of other kids who were involved and a filmy sort of story unveiled.

Apparently, earlier there was this other kid who used to ring the bell and run. But then he fought with the group and they asked someone else to continue doing it so that they could blame it on him (I blame the Hindi TV soaps for such behaviour. (That's right, I'd go to any extent to blame it on the soaps that I detest so much.))

So anyway, my sister and mom had a word with them I guess, threatening to complain about their behaviour to their parents. Since then there has been a transformation, of sorts. A few hours ago, when I was lazing on my couch and watching The Joey Show while eating popcorn, someone rang the bell again*. This time it was a group of boys and they told me that they weren't the ones who always rang the bell. Two boys from the grocery stores outside our colony who came to deliver stuff also did the same.

I asked them if they had seen them do it, and they said yes. So I told them to bring those boys when they saw them next as I wanted to speak to them. An hour or so later the bell rang again and I was just about to lose it because I don't like being interrupted repeatedly when I'm watching a good show. This time, it was the same group of kids with one of the delivery boys (who appeared to be barely thirteen years old.) The boys told me that he was one of those who rang the bell and ran away and I confronted him; although it was more like a question and answer thing than a confrontation.

I asked him why he did that, and he said it was not him and it was the other delivery boy from the other shop and I said that wasn't an answer. I told him it was annoying and warned him saying that if it happened again, I would complain to the shop owner about his behaviour and also told him to warn the other boy that we wouldn't tolerate such nonsense. I hope I sounded convincing because I'm not so good at yelling and reprimanding (and my students benefit out of this the most!)

There were around ten to twelve boys standing outside my front door surrounding the 'prankster' when this lady who lives in the building was returning from work. Obviously she was shocked and asked what was going on and I told her the entire story and gave her a good laugh.

I thanked the boys for their help and asked them once again to let me know if something like this came to their attention, because apparently, a lot of these kind of things happen to us. So I figured it was better to be nice and polite to the kids so at least they won't be the ones harassing us! :)

*I know that today's the NaNoWriMo deadline and I'm supposed to be working on that. I'll write about that in the next post.