Friday, November 12, 2010

Fill in the Blanks Friday #6

Oh Gosh! It's been so long since I did this. After such a long time, I'm filling the blanks again from Lauren's blog. If you're new to this, here's what you have to do. Fill these blanks with your own answers on your blog and link up here or you can leave a comment on her post. Ready or  not, here we go!

1. The most spontaneous thing I've ever done was {I wish I could remember this. But unfortunately I can't. I've probably said something spontaneously and then (obviously) regretted it and that may have happened loads of times. But nothing else that I can think of.} 

2. The best gift I've ever received was  my first bicycle for my 10th or 11th birthday. My (paternal) grandfather took me to the cycle shop in the morning on my birthday and asked me to pick one. I have received other wonderful birthday gifts too, but this one is really special because that year I had just learnt how to ride a cycle and I was praying for one! :D 

3. A time that I was truly and genuinely surprised was 31st May 2009. My friend Jay who I believed was in the US suddenly stood before me that Sunday morning to surprise me. I had no clue he had plans for a short holiday in India. And then a few months later, Omkar (another friend from school who's studying in Australia) gave us all the same surprise!!! They were both really AWESOME!!!!.  

4. I can't leave the house without my cell phone, my purse, kajal, lip gloss, my set of the keys, a novel and (now, even) my mp3 player. 

5. My favorite day(s) of the week is are all the weekdays because I have the house to myself the entire week (It's not just me.. it's both me and my sister at home... But she doesn't get in the way a lot unless she's (loudly) speaking over the phone) where I can sit and read without the sound of the TV (which is on the whole day during weekends,) listen to my favourite songs, read the lovely blogs that I follow and maybe write my own, eat on the couch [:P] and sleep all I want!!! 

6. Something that can always make me laugh is the show FRIENDS. Over the past year or so I've also been hooked to How I Met Your Mother and that makes me laugh a lot too!!. 

7. My perfect day would include waking up reasonably early (like around 7.30-8ish), going for a walk, yummy breakfast and a great bath afterwards, a relaxing afternoon and a comfortable couch where I can sit and read, a little music in the late afternoon, chatting over a cup of coffee with my friends in the evening, and wonderful dinner date and the most peaceful sleep EVER!