Friday, November 19, 2010

Flipping out

It's day 19 at NaNoWriMo and my word count has continued to remain at around 3,000 (which I managed to accomplish the first day I started writing.) I just have 11 days to finish and reach the 50,000 word mark which means around 4,300 words per day, which is not a bad thing if only I get around to actually sit and type the shit out.

I'm totally motivated, don't get me wrong! The ideas are just waiting to burst out from their hiding place deep within my conscious and subconscious, and be typed. But I'm just not able to find time. I've always been more nocturnal. But getting up early for work leaves me sleepy the entire day! And it's not like I'm working ten hours a day. I'm done by afternoon and then I have the entire day to myself. But as I said, I'm sleepy still. So I sleep.

By the time I wake up, it's already evening and then there are things to be done around the house. Even when I log on to the computer, instead of getting on with writing what I'm supposed to, I sit around to read all the blogs that I'm following!!!!! I can't seem to let go of that. And if I don't check my blogger dashboard for updates once every twenty four hours, you won't believe the amount of backlog that I end up having on my blog reading. You guys sure post A LOT! :P

The past few days, I've also not updated twitter (at all) or (much of) facebook even, in the past few days. That says a lot, eh? And yet, I haven't been able to continue writing my story. It's not good. So not good.

But, yes! Once again, while flipping out and ranting about that here, I have found answers (which was not the intention of the post. Otherwise the title would've been 'Eureka.' :P) And I say this with a very heavy heart; if I have to complete the unedited 50,000 word draft of my NaNoWriMo Novel by midnight of November 30, I'm going to have to give up reading the blogs that I follow. But I promise I'll catch up once I'm done! Pinky swear. And I might not even wait till I'm done. I might sneak a peak in between when I need a little writing inspiration. That sounds good enough! :)

Needless to say I need to buck up because I can't afford to lose face after I've bragged about the novel and the challenge that I've taken up. And even more so after I've already designed its cover page and all. So yeah! I'm going to do it!! I can foresee I'm going to spend a lot of sleepless nights with a mug of coffee to keep me company. And I'm actually looking forward to 'burning the midnight oil.' :)

- Nikita.